Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Dryer From Hell

After only 4 years, my Kenmore dryer has been declared useless.  I have a great warranty on both the washer & dryer.  The problem is that the warranty is great for Sears.  For me?  Not so great.  My dryer broke down about 5 weeks ago.  I immediately contacted Sears Home Repair so they could come out & fix my beloved dryer the next day.  Oh no! That isn't an emergency according to Sears.  I had to wait until the following week.  WTF!? I have 3 loads of wet clothing & no dryer! How could that not be an emergency?

The first visit, the technician came out ready to work.  Too bad he had nothing with him.  Not one darn thing! He figured out what was wrong.  Well, Mr. H your dryer isn't getting warm.  Duh! A rocket scientist came to our house.  David told him that we already knew that which was why he was visiting us.  So what did said technician do?  Why he ordered the parts of course.

And they came.  A week later.

Then comes the next technician.  He puts the dryer together, & it still doesn't work.  He calls for support.  The supervisor tells him what to do, but he mentions to the supervisor that what is being suggested will blow the main board which is not broken.  Until the supervisor breaks him down.  So he orders another part & now has to include a main board.

And they came.  A week later.

This technician is a real sweetie.  He puts it all together, & voila! It still doesn't work.  They sent us a brand new main board.  But it was blown.  So this technician orders a new main board & requests to have it expressed to us.  He also promises to come to out home first thing Saturday morning.  I made a big exception for this since it is Rosh Hashanah, & I don't like to have work done in my home on this holy day.  But I need my dryer.  I can't afford to keep taking my clothing to the local laundromat.  Besides, he swears the part will be here by Wednesday.

Thursday night we received a phone call.  This was a followup to find out how our dryer is working. ????  Boy did David have a lot to say.  While I cried.

This morning we did a bit of research because enough is enough.  What is the use of having a warranty if the work never gets done?  Since we needed to get a new dryer, I told David we may as well get a new washer.  After all, 4 years of having a front loading, $$ saving washing machine gave me nothing but agida.  Why?  Because this wonderful front loading washing machine has leaked since day one.  Oh.  What did Sears have to say on that one?  Mrs. H you do realize you have to clean your washer, don't you?  AAGGGGHHH!!!!

So off to Lowe's we went this morning.  And bought this beautiful washer & dryer set.  BTW, they will be installed this coming Tuesday after 5:00 pm.  And I smile.  Yay for me! I can go back to laundry hell!

Lunch Date with My Girl

On the 12th, I decided to take Erin out for a Girl's Day.  Very impromptu.  Aren't those the best?  One of her favorite places to eat is Red Lobster.  I can be assured that she'll eat half of their portion, & I don't have to badger her.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Can I just say. . . .

that changing email accounts is a major pain in the tush!?