Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Magi tagged me for this fun meme! I hope you enjoy it when I tag you! Here are the rules:

  1. Go to your pictures folder & select the 6th folder.
  2. Select the 6th picture in the folder.
  3. Tag 6 people.

Next up?
  1. Gretchen
  2. Vivian
  3. Lori
  4. Super Mommy
  5. Sandra (I know you don't usually do these but hope you will since pics are your great hobby.)
  6. Shari

It Happened So Quickly! (Saturday, 2/21/09)

During Saturday's karate class, so much was going on that I didn't think to have my camera out & ready to snap away. (Bad scrapbooker! Bad scrapbooker!)
One of the goals that each student has is to achieve a full split. When this is accomplished, the student gets a gold star for their gi. Erin jumped in the air & landed in a split! Sifu & Mrs. Crisman were in shock. And Erin? She just kept doing it! With the biggest smile on her face.
Daddy will be sewing her gold star onto her gi this evening so she can show it off in class next week.

From Orange to Purple in an Hour (Monday, 2/23/09)

First you sit & wait to be told to get onto the mat.

Then you kick with all your might.
(And a whole bunch of other stuff that didn't come out on mommy's camera.)

Then you get this!
Your purple belt.

Congratulations Erin!
Mama & Dada are so darn proud of you!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Beginning. Again.

It's been a long time coming. I joined Weight Watchers before Erin came home & lost quite a bit of weight. Now she's been home 5.5 years, & the weight is just about all back. I find it very depressing to contemplate.
My clothing fits poorly. I don't like to go out & buy new clothing because it's so hard to find it in my size. My feet swell up worse now than ever. In general I feel crappy. Of course it doesn't help that I hurt my back before Halloween. It's no excuse.
Today I did something about it. I rejoined Weight Watchers in an effort to lose what has been regained & then some.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Problem? What Problem?

The state of education is really pissing me off.

My stepmother has been teaching for 30 years. This week she told me that all of the staff in her school district will be receiving a notice of layoff within the next month. WHAT!?!? Everyone??? Her school district in CA doesn't have enough money left in the budget to pay anyone. How the hell can that happen!?

What will happen to the children? How do they get an education without teachers? According to Nancy the long-term teachers probably won't lose their jobs but classes will be getting considerably bigger. So much for the low teacher/student ration.

What will happen to the people who depend on the income from these jobs? I can't imagine. Oh, and by the way, once these people have their jobs eliminated or they retire, they also lose their medical benefits up to & including prescription coverage. Nice? I think not.

Do we have problems? With what? I don't see any problems. Wanna guess who believes that line of horse hockey? Ugh!