Saturday, January 20, 2007

Erin Loves Her FCC Time

Once a month we go out to dinner with a bunch of families who have adopted from a variety of Asian countries although most are from China. In addition, once a month on a Saturday, we attend a play date at a local park.
It's always nice to see Erin with a group of children where she doesn't stand out. Of course, it's also nice that I don't have to explain to anyone that, yes, my daughter looks Oriental & then have to explain that it's because she's from China. Thankfully, I don't get too many foolish questions once they hear Erin is Chinese.
These are people who have fast become a support group for me in many ways. I don't have to explain to anyone why I don't have bio children. They understand why I'm so nuts about Erin's sleep issues. They know why I've chosen a particular pediatrician - even if there are closer ones to my home. These same people understand that I cry at the drop of a pin looking at my daughter & their children too just because the day ends in "Y."
Maybe that's why I love my FCC time too.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sweet Amanda is Here!

Yesterday we went down to Miami to visit my brother & his family. We have been blessed with an addition to our family. Amanda was born January 10th at 10:31 pm & weighed in at 7lbs 11oz. Erin was super excited to go visit her cousin Seany (as she insists upon calling him) & to meet her newest cousin Amanda.
Erin was 20 months when Sean was born. We went to visit them in the hospital & my brother & SIL were sweet enough to let David & me hold him. He was absolutely a sweet little angel & barely peeped. Erin was decidely not happy with either of us holding Sean in our arms.
Fast forward to 2007, & along comes Amanda. Unfortunately, Amanda has some jaundice issues as do many babies, & I wasn't comfortable holding her even though my brother & SIL wanted me to. Erin had no problems & couldn't wait to get her hands on Amanda. It was so funny when my brother pointed out how yellow Amanda is. Erin piped in "Just like me momma!"
I took what seemed like a gazillion pics yesterday & ordered them immediately. There's even a cute photo of my SIL with her 2 babies that I'm so in love with. I can't wait to get the pics & mail them out to my dad & stepmother. I know they're going to fall in love with Sweet Amanda.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a day!!

What a day!! I don't even want a redo. I just want to go on to Sunday!!

Erin was just an absolute sweetheart this morning. Even though she was up early as always, she chose not to wake either David or myself up. She did get into our bed & play with her cards but was so quiet I didn't notice her until I turned over. She even let me go back to sleep until 8:00!! When I got out of bed, she was in her room playing nicely. Then she told me that I was proud of her for not waking us up.

We left the house around 9:45 to go for breakfast. Too bad I had to go with a migraine. After breakfast we went to buy Erin some new sneakers & sandals. Have you ever been shocked to find out you were totally wrong about the size you had your child wearing? Erin has been wearing size 8 - 8.5 shoes for a while now. It turns out that she is now a size 9. She never told us her feet were uncomfortable & was willing to put on the same size shoes. I'm so glad I remembered the shoe sizer in the store. Too bad we walked out with so few pairs - 2 pair of sneakers & a pair of sandals. Don't worry though! Imelda Jr will be back at Payless on Monday when they get their new shipment in. David is already thanking the stars above that he doesn't have to go shoe shopping.

When we got home, David went to pick up our lawn mower from Sears. I gave Erin her bath so we could go visit my brother & his new baby daughter. Amanda was born January 10th, & Erin is so excited that she actually got into a bath willingly. During bathtime, Erin & I kept hearing strange noises coming from all of the drains in the house. I opened the shower door to find water bubbling up. Too wierd for me so I told David to deal with it when he got home.

By 12:00 we had the City come out to verify there was no problem with the line in the streets. Nope. The problem is in our water line. (BTW, at this point my migraine is hammering away at me, & the meds weren't helping.) We called a local plumber to come out. He got to our house at 7:00 pm!! Yup. Tree roots are invading. He fixed the problem for us - $400 later.

Now it's 10:00 pm, the lines are drained & I still have that darn migraine. However, I am determined to go meet my new niece tomorrow! My brother sent pics, & she's really cute.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to WW & Hoping I Can Do It

Well, I'm committing to weight loss AGAIN. I went on WW back before we adopted Erin, & I lost about 30 pounds. Much of that weight came back as we tried to get Erin to eat real food. Now she's home 3 1/2 years, & I'm tired of being fat. I'm not expecting miracles - just an awful lot of hard work. I hate to exercise, have no metabolism to speak of & like food.

I went back on WW since I was pretty successful last time. This time David is trying to do it with me. It's the end of day 1, & I already want to hurt him. He gets 44 points a day. I get 29 points a day. He's trying to convince me he's not hungry, but I know my man. You can't be married 18 years to someone who is a nighttime nosher & believe that he's not dying to munch on his arm. I'm glad he's trying WW since his meds make weight loss so hard.

I'm also hoping that Erin will see us eating better & maybe be tempted to try a vegetable. That girl will eat nothing that is green! Not even grapes. Although my friend Debbie tells me that when she watches Erin at her house, her son Jonathon can get Erin to eat salad! I tried that logic last night when I offered her a veggie. She looked at me after I offered her some veggies & said "NO." ARGH!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Okay, so my dear friend Sandra decided to tag me. This is such a fun way to get to know your friends & other people. Here I go.
A - available or taken: Available
B- best friend: don't really have one
C- cake or pie: cake
D- drink of choice: coffee and coca cola
E-essential item you use everyday: planner
F-favorite color: purple
G-gummy bears or worms: as long as they're not red, I don't care
H-hometown: born Brooklyn, NY & currently living in Coral Springs, FL
I-indulgence: manicure & pedicure
J-January or February: February - the month we went DTC!
K-kid's names: Erin (4)
L-life incomplete without: my family & friends
M-marriage date: August 28, 1988
N-number of siblings: 1 brother
O-oranges or apples: I have to choose!?
P-phobias or fears: leaving Erin to grow up without a mother
Q-favorite quote:
R-reason to smile: Erin & David
S-season: I live in FL where we have only 1 season - hot. Ugh! Up North I just love autumn with the changing colors.
T-tag 3 people: Angel, Lori, . . .
U-unknown fact about me: I'm fairly shy.
V-veggie I don't like: carrots
W-worst habit: unnecessary guilt
X-xrays: Yup. Too many to count!
Y-your favorite food: Sushi & Thai
Z-zodiac: Aries