Sunday, December 20, 2009


  •  Why do the schools have holiday parties that consist of sugar, sugar, sugar & more sugar?  Erin came home from school Friday in tears.  She just can't tolerate so much sugar.  The stuff makes most people go haywire & hyper.  Erin crashes into a state of exhaustion.  It's ridiculous that they do this - to both the children & the parents.
  • Why are most of the crafts during these parties centered around Christmas?  Do they not realize that there are other holidays?  Erin got to make so many Christmas crafts that even she was pissed off.  The only thing they did for Chanukah was to make - yes, you got it, an edible dreidel  - pure sugar.  But she did come home with a Christmas cookie & a Christmas ornament.  What about Kwanzaa?  What about Diwali?  If the schools don't know enough about these holiday, then they need to get educated.  Erin finally put her foot down in the cookie decorating class.  When her teacher gave her a Christmas tree cookie to decorate, she gave it back, told them she is Jewish & where is her dreidel cookie to decorate.  (They didn't have too many of those!)
  • Why do people think email thank yous are alright?  As a child, my teachers always sent handwritten thank you cards for the gifts we gave them.  My mother saved them for me, & they are in a momento book that I still have.  Erin's teachers all thanked her by email - as if she is allowed to have an email account at 7 years old.  What happened to the art of sending the thank you by mail in your own handwriting?  It's no wonder children have such horrendous handwriting these days!
  • Why is it that this time of year, when everyone should be in a good mood, most people are grumpy?   The economy has nothing to do with it either because I've noticed it for years.
  • Why is it that Erin throws more tantrums during Winter Break than at any other time?  I know that she needs her routine & schedule to be precise so even though she goes to the JCC for camp, I drop her off at the same time, & David picks her up at the same time.  She still gets unruly which makes me nuts.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The 4th Night: OR All Caught Up!

It depends upon how you look at it.  I felt that I had to catch up with my lack of blogging since I got my new camera.  After this, I can go on as usual.

Tonight is the 4th night of Chanukah.  I didn't think Erin could get any more excited.  I was wrong.

Waiting for permission to open her gift.

Woo Hoo!!! I LOVE this!!

This is the BEST present ever Mama & Dada!

This DSi was a hit! I guess we didn't have to get her everything else.  Ha!

Chanukah: The Fun Continues

Our friends Lori & Marc don't have enough on their plate.  They had to mix it up a bit & throw a Chanukah party for the DD & their buddies.  Erin was more excited about the party than she has been about her gifts.

Our wonderful hostess Lori

Grace prepared this yummy brie!
I'll be trying this for New Year's Eve I think.  It went so fast we had to remember to save some for Lori!

How could you not want to try this yumminess!?

A beautiful Chanukah feast!

A bubble wrap dance contest.
Only Marc could come up with this!

The grab bag pile.  The children were waiting quite impatiently to start this activity!

When I was but a young child, this game was called "Kerplunk!"
We got home, & Erin tore right into it.  Lots of fun!

Lighting candles for the 3rd night.

Enjoying some latkes made fresh by David!

Oh my! More presents!?
Yes.  Another set of Star Wars Legos.

The 2nd Night of Chanukah

We went to my in-laws for a Chanukah brunch.  Erin looks forward to lunch with her Grandma & Grandpa.  She knows there will be plenty of bagels & lox.  Today, there were also presents!

These 3 have a mutual fan club going on.  My in-laws adore Erin, & she adores them.

She loves the new DS games Grandma & Grandpa got her!

The 2nd night at home lighting our newest Chanukah menorah.

Erin loved these 2 CDs from her godsister Kerri.
(Ssshhhh!!! She doesn't know that Kerri sent her more stuff.  It's hidden away!)

On the First Night of Chanukah . . .

Erin got quite a large box!

 Doesn't David look thrilled?

You think she's excited?

 It wasn't even set up!

Personalized just the way she wanted!

Apparently it is quite the comfy couch!

Because she knew the couch was going to be one of her presents, Erin asked if she could open a 2nd gift.  This isn't the norm for us.  We usually stick to 1 gift each night, but what the hay! We went for it.

She loves to open gifts.  No dainty unwrapping here!

More Star Wars Legos!

Pics from the new camera

I've been having a hard time figuring out how to use my camera.  David was insistent that I get a new one this year.  I ended up deciding upon the Nikon D60.  We got a great buy & all the doodads that came with it terrify me!

When it arrived, they had forgotten to pack the 18-55 lens.  Oops!  The business I purchased the camera from was pretty shocked that they had left it out, but they were pretty prompt in getting it to me.  When the box arrived, David put the lens on so that I could start taking pictures, but he only uploaded the software for me yesterday.

Tonight I uploaded all of the pics! All 357 of them.  I deleted quite a few since, well, wow, they stunk!  David & I differ in how we approach things.  He goes with the flow.  I need to learn everything first & then start using my toys.  We had a war.  He won.  I started taking pics & don't have a clue as to what I'm doing.  I'll figure it out, but in the meantime I'm having fun. 

Lots of practice is needed, but here's where I've started.

Lovin' the camera!

Troi is still pretty ticked off that she isn't the only pet in our house!

Don't let his innocent face fool you! He's taking over the house.

Star is always looking for an angle, hoping for pizza or sushi.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's Not Your Mother's . . .

. . . Avon.

My friend Lori has taken on yet another venture.  She's just not busy enough with all that she does for her family & friends.  Somehow, she managed to squeeze in a few more minutes in her day to do more! No one is surprised.  When Lori decides to do something, she doesn't waste a single minute.  She grabs life by the horns & runs with it. 

A few days ago, Lori opened her very own online store.  She has some wonderful deals & is doing lots of fun give aways.  Go on.  Take a few minutes & peek around.  You're going to be surprised.  Today's Avon is not the same as what our mother's were used to.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Thanksgiving Table

For those of you who don't believe we cook, here's our proof.  No Boston Market here!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chanukah is coming!

And I am just not ready!

The presents are here but unwrapped.  With all the crazy hours I'm working, & with Erin's constant need to have either David or myself with her, there has been no time at all.  I haven't gotten the chance to take a picture for our card.  I'm really late with this since Chanukah starts Friday night.  However, I do have an idea that is kind of neat.  I just have to set it up.  I may have to have David take Erin to karate this week so I can wrap presents.  Then I'll need to find time to take a few pictures.

Wow! I've never been this far behind before!