Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chinese New Year is almost here!

Chinese New Year is almost here!

Personally, I really enjoy this holiday.  All of our friends who have Asian children join together to celebrate.  It's a time to celebrate Erin's birth culture & show her that China & her birth culture are important to us.

Erin's teacher Mrs. C takes on both writing & social studies with a vengeance.  She loves Erin & is very encouraging.  A few weeks ago, I asked Erin if she'd like to bring stuff in to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Once she said yes, I approached Mrs. C who thought it was an awesome idea.  That said, today we are off to the Oriental Market to make our purchases! We'll be sending in clementines & red lucky envelopes that will be filled with some candy & a few coins.  I'm hoping that Mrs. C will allow me to stay for this part of the day.

I am also busy with helping my friend Susan prepare for our annual CNY (Chinese New Year) celebration that we put on for the people who used the same adoption agency we did.  The FL GWCA group is very active & does an amazing job.  We have a great group who helps to put on a great party! Marc from Party Nation manages to get a group of stodgy ole mommies & daddies up on the floor to dance.  Heck! He even got Susan to do the Chicken Dance one year! Lori from Starr Moments Photography takes the most beautiful pics of the event.  Jolene will be selling outfits from Fly Away Clothing & donating some goodies from her own business Ladybug Cake Creations.   

The most amazing thing that this group of people does is fundraising.  Each year we hold a silent auction.  We get people to donate various items from clothing to scrapbook goodies to photography sessions to handmade items to artwork.  This year, it was decided that in honor of our friends' daughter Katie Starr, the donations would be presented to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  I can't wait to see how much $$ we raise for this oh so worthy cause!

And let's not forget our local chapter of the FCC.  We're planning a nice evening down at the newest location of Miss Yip's Chinese Cafe.  For years we went to their location down on Miami Beach but it was decided that we would try their new location.  Don't ask me where it is.  I'm lucky I can get home from Erin's school!

So, yes, January & February are very busy but it's all for a great time!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Current Events

Each week Erin has a current events assignment.  We go to a great website d*g*news.c*m to look for the article.  Usually David &/or I choose the article for the assignment.  Erin recently decided that she wants to choose the article herself.

This past week we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  They spoke about this great man in school & something about him spoke to Erin.  While looking around the website for this week's current events, she came up with an article.  Attached was this video.

As I watched this video with Erin I cried.  Yea, I know.  Big shock.  This speech took place when I was a baby.  It still rings true in 2011. 

I have a dream also.  It's the same one the Martin Luther King Jr. held for his 4 little children.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sloppy Joes

Erin loves the show G**d Luck Charlie on D!sney.  There was an episode where the mother made sloppy joes & the family had a food fight.  Ever since seeing it, Erin has been begging for sloppy joes.

Tonight I gave in.  Dinner was sloppy joes with French Fries.  She was so happy to have this dinner.  Of course, her idea of eating was to take 2 bites & say "I'm full.  Can I have ice cream?"  This was a big thing.  Erin has only recently come to terms with the fact that red meat is supposed to be eaten & not stared at in our house.  We got her to eat a few more bites & allowed her to have her ice cream.

I know I probably shouldn't have given in on the ice cream, but we were so proud of her for trying something new.  I couldn't resist rewarding her.  Besides, the smile on her face when she came to the table was reward enough.  The kid was getting ice cream no matter what.

What can I say?  I'm wrapped.  Right around her cute little pinkie.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hua Yu Yue & First Yulin SWI

Many people have adopted from China.  The IA community is amazing.  People who wouldn't normally know each other, form lifelong relationships.  Some of us have never met in person.

One of the people I know through IA is my friend Sandra - a fellow February Waiting Heart.  If you've read my blog, then you know that we waited for our daughters together.  We've never met although we look forward to enjoying a nice cup of Starbucks one day whle our girls hang out.

Anyway, one of her Dutch friends adopted a little girl within the last year.  She is looking for an American family who adopted a girl named Hua YuYue from First Yulin SWI in Guangxi on June 28th of 2010.

If you know of the family who adopted Hua Yu Yue, please get in touch with me.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The California Tooth Fairy Loves Me!!

On New Year's Day, Erin lost her 5th tooth.  Thanks to my friend Michelle, The C*ral Springs Tooth Fairy remembered to pay a visit.  In our neck of the woods, the Tooth Fairy pays $5 for the first tooth & $2 for each of the following teeth.

Saturday night before going to bed, I had Erin make her public announcement so the Tooth Fairy would know to stop by.  She was so darn cute!  Picture this:  A cute kid in her jammies stands up in the center of my bed & starts screaming:

"Oh Tooth Fairy! I lost a tooth today! Please don't forget to stop by & pick it up."

I almost peed myself silly!  (The things we do to/for our kids.)

A few minutes later, Erin decided to check & see if she got her payoff yet.  I tried to stop her but lost the battle.  From her bedroom I heard her scream - again.  "Mama! The Tooth Fairy left me 2!"  Being the devil that I am, I asked her "2 what Erin?"  After putting away her $2 in her Tooth Fairy bank, she checked my little box where the Tooth Fairy leaves her teeth behind for me.  It was so funny when Erin turned to me to let me know that the Tooth Fairy remembered I like to keep all her teeth.

I thought all was done.  Ha!

Last night, after finishing her homework assignment, Erin asked me if she could all her Bubbie & Zaydie (grandparents) so she could tell them about her lost tooth.  I wondered out loud (here's the devil in me again) why they would want to know.  'Mama! They have to tell the California Tooth Fairy!"

I let Erin call them & was surprised to find that she called Bubbie's cell phone.  I thought Nancy (my stepmother) was going to laugh forever.  Actually, Nancy adores Erin & was so excited about getting the call.  After telling her Bubbie about loosing the tooth, Erin handed me the phone so I could chat also.  During my conversation with Nancy, I mentioned that the California Tooth Fairy doesn't have to do anything.  To which my daughter screamed:

"But the California Tooth Fairy loves me!!"

Nancy heard Erin & we both started to laugh hysterically.  It was such a moment.  Then Bubbie got off the phone to call the California Tooth Fairy (a/k/a Zaydie) & prepare him.  When my dad Skyped us, he told Erin he would let the Tooth Fairy know, & he was sure that Erin could expect something in the mail soon.

Yes Erin.  The California Tooth Fairy does love you!  Very much!

Monday, January 03, 2011

December 2010 Recap & UGH!!

A new year has started, & thank G-d!! 2010 was awful. 

David's pain got worse with each passing day.  As hard as it was for me to see, having Erin watch it was so much worse.  I was so worried about David that there were times I forgot that Erin is only 8 & expected way too much from her.  There are no words to express how sorry I am that she got left in the wind with this.

David had 2 surgeries in December 2010.  The purpose was to have a spinal cord stimulator implanted in his spine.  The first surgery was a trial, & we weren't sure it worked until just about the end of the 7 days.  He was impressed enough that he decided to go for it permanently.  We were told all about how easy it would be.  Ha!  In fact - Double Ha!  For a surgery that was supposed to be outpatient with only a 23 hour observation period, it turned out to be a horror.  David ended up being in ICU for 2 days before being placed in a regular room.  Thankfully, he was in the regular room & got discharged that same day.

Recovery hasn't been easy.  The whole thing has been a total mess!!  Tomorrow the implant will be turned on.  I pray that it starts to help soon.

With all that going on, we barely noticed Chanukah.  In fact, the entire holiday season passed in a total blur.  We did manage to prepare Erin's gifts.  David & I wanted to make sure Erin had some feeling of the holidays.  I'd say her gifts were a hit!

We're looking forward to a different year.  2011 has GOT to be better.  I mean, could it get worse?  Please don't tell me that I just jinxed myself.  Please.