Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celebrating Chinese New Year FCC-SFL Style!!

Yesterday our local FCC chapter held their Chinese New Year party.  Instead of going down to a restaurant in Miami like we've done in years past, we changed it up a bit.  Well, quite a bit to be honest.  We had a picnic for our members complete with a bounce house, catered food, balloon artistry, &, of course, the infamous lion dancers.

This past week the weather was awful.  It rained so badly at one point, that I could have sworn ole Noah waved as he passed me by!! (The parking lots at school flooded.)  All day Friday, I kept hoping that the rain would disappear in time for our party.  Apparently, Lori was praying for it also because it worked! 

So instead of having rain & worrying about keeping everyone happy but dry, we had a day straight from the northern states.  It was so cold that people were shaking!  Living in S FL, we don't really know how to handle the cold weather.  Sun?  Rain?  No problem.  Temps below 70?  We want to hibernate.  When I left my house in the morning, it was a breezy 65.  Not bad.  Unless, like me, you were wearing shorts.

But we are a persistent bunch of folks.  We weren't letting a little thing like a cold snap get in our way.  Oh no! Jackets were brought out.  By those of us smart enough to have them in our cars.  (Normally, I keep a spare hoodie in my car for both Erin & myself.  She "helped" clean out my car in the early morning & put my hoodie in the house.  Interesting how she left hers in the car though.)

Normally, I'd have my pics up, but Blogger seems to be arguing with me again.  ARGH!!!