Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Fun

Last week was Spring Break for Erin.  Luckily enough, it was also Spring Break for Jolene's girls Jade & Emma.  That said, we arranged a sleepover!

Erin & I drove up Tuesday morning.  We went shopping for a few things at our fave store Target.  I found Erin a few pair of shorts & new cargo pants.  We went out for lunch with Jolene's sister Missy to On the Border because I wanted to try a new place.  Oh my! The chili relleno was yummilicious!

That night we got to celebrate Emma's 6th birthday with her Grandma & Poppa.  Jolene made her spaghetti & meat sauce with my fave dessert - pink lemonade cupcakes! Of course, they're also Emma's fave too.  They have to be because they're pink!  I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time.  Jolene's parents are really nice & oh! the stories we could tell you from that night!  Let's just say "email" & "GPS."

The next day we went to The Morikami.  It was the first time for both Erin & myself.  Wow! That place is gorgeous! The gardens are lovely but the walk was long. 

The one place we didn't get to visit was the tea house.  By that time my back was gone.  It was truly a lovely way to spend the day with great friends.

Erin & I left to go home later that afternoon.  Right before she fell asleep in the car, Erin asked if we could go back to The Morikami to see the tea house.  I guess it made an impression upon her.  And as she fell asleep that same night, Erin asked if we could see an actual tea ceremony & if she could also take some pics &/or video.  I told her that we would definitely look into it. 

The next morning I called Jolene.  We're going to find out when the next tea ceremony will be & make arrangements for me to take the girls.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chinese New Year Pics

I haven't been around in a while but we have definitely been busy.  Erin & I went away for Chinese New Year with Jolene & her girls.  The FL GWCA party was a big hit.