Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quirks? I have quirks!?

Who knew!?
Viv wants me to list my quirks. These tags are so much fun but goodness they make you work!
  1. I'm territorial. That may not be quirky to you, but trust me that for me it is. I'm left handed & use my mouse on the left side. If you move my mouse to the right side, fine. But put it back where you found it. Don't move or touch my things without the knowledge that you better put it back where you found it. If you don't, you will hear about it from me.
  2. I almost never take lunch breaks at work. Most people need their 30 minutes (or however long they take). To me a lunch break is a waste of time. I'm in the groove, doing my thing & you expect me to stop so I can eat? Why? Do I look like I'm missing out on food or something? Are you kidding!? The only day I consistently take a lunch break is Fridays.
  3. I love science fiction tv shows & movies. However, I absolutely cannot read the stuff. It bores me to tears when it's in the written word.
  4. I yawn. All the time. Even when I'm not tired. I don't mean to do it, & I can't help myself but I yawn. My mother used to say that I came out yawning & not crying.
  5. I sleep with 2-3 blankets each & every night. At least I start out that way. My hands & feet are always cold so I can't fall asleep without being all bundled up.
  6. I love to shop. I mean grocery shop. I find it very relaxing. If I could make a living dong people's grocery shopping, I would.
  7. I love to be driven around. Ever since I was a child, if I was stressed out, my parents would put me in the car & just drive. To this day, David does that for me. Back when we didn't have much, a big night out was dinner at McDonald's & a drive down A1A.

Well, you wondered about my quirks. There you have them! No one ever said that I was normal. Besides, being normal is so humdrum.

And those of you who follow? I want to know about your quirks too!


Top...Brenda, Mark....Shane(left)Kyle(right) said...

I'm so glad that I took the time to visit a blog today and I'm so glad I chose your blog. I havent' had a lot of time lately what with adjusting to motherhood and all, but your blog is so fun that I completely unwinded(unwound?sp?gr?) while reading it! We are actually a lot alike, you and I. I bundle with 3 blankets, strategically placed every night. Nothing helps me more than coke in the AM(especially if I'm stuffed up), and G-d help the one who moves my mouse or TWEEZERS!!! Yes, my teen boys use my tweezers. I've always been too afraid to ask them what they use them for! Now the yawning thing. That's Mark. He yawns so much, that I told him he looks guilty. Like he ate the last cookie and he's trying to act casual!!! Then he makes me yawn because yawns are so contagious.
OK, I better gotabed. I'm being very bad with the night owl thing again.
Love Ya!!!!! And thanks for the great read!!!

fricke92 said...

I would hire you to my grocery shopping. I HATE it and only go twice a month!

Vivian M said...

Let's go grocery shopping together!!!!

sandra said...

Totally with you on the blankets! The grocery shopping? Not so much ;-)

Super Mommy said...

Do you mean grocery shopping by yourself? I don't mind that - but with two kids in tow it becomes challenging!

P.S. Wanted to thank you on that sweet comment you made when I posted about the girlies being super heroes - it made me stop and think - what sweet words to hear it from another! :)

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