Sunday, March 15, 2009

We did it for the first time

Yup. We did it. Our first time ever.
Huh? What? You did what?
We went out last night for the first time. Without Erin. (She's been home since she was 10 months old & is now 6 1/2.) And boy was I scared.
Now, mind you, we don't leave Erin with "just anyone." Originally we were going to have our friend Debbie keep Erin while we went out. Unfortunately, Debbie is sick. Not "ugh I have a cold" sick, but losing her stomach sick. This flu is going around, & it is no fun. At least that's what Debbie has been telling us. And I have no intentions of finding out either.
When I told Lisa that we were going to cancel going to David's reunion because Debbie was so sick, she just about busted a gut. She insisted that we drop Erin off at her house for the evening. Lisa has been offering to watch Erin so we could have a night out forever. David was so happy to be able to leave Erin with someone we trust as implicitly as we trust Lisa.
We dropped Erin off around 6:45, & Lisa barely let me in to say good-bye. That was it. Erin was hers for the night. And the spoiling began! Apparently Erin's in a growth spurt. She gobbled down the chicken nuggets Lisa had bought for dinner. Then she had a special desert - strawberries with whipped cream. Later on it was pound cake - something she's never had before but is now asking me to buy.
We got to Lisa's house really late - about 11:30. Erin was so sleepy but couldn't wait to tell us all about her special play date with Dante & Olivia. And she was so happy to inform us that she ate all of her chicken nuggets. All 4 of them.
Lisa, thanks for taking such good care of our princess! She had a blast at your house & never complained once that she didn't get to come with us to her daddy's party. On top of that, no sleep issues.


Sandra said...

Awesome; your baby is growing up! I know it is hard to leave Erin, but it sounds like she had a wonderful time :-)

So, when is your next date?

Pug Mama said...

your blog has been a pain to load on my computer!!!
anyway, FIRST time out alone??
You, my dear, were LOOOOOOOONG overdue. I hope you had a good time because you deserve it!!!

fricke92 said...

Sounds like everyone had a good time! Maybe you'll feel better about going alone with David again?!? Within the next 10 years?!? :)

Vivian M said...

I am so glad you finally got a grown up's night out and Erin had a blast at Lisa's house!

Candy said...

When I read your last post I wondered where Erin was. I'm so glad you were able to go and felt so comfortable leaving her with a close friend. I see future date nights coming.

Michelle said...

I am very proud of you!

jolene said...

ahhhhhh it is hard to leave them

Super Mommy said...

Hope you didn't worry too much leaving Erin and you and David were able to really enjoy yourselves. Sounds like Erin did fine!

I don't leave my girlies either, don't really want to! I enjoy them very much and cherish my time with them always.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Sounds like a won-win for all! So happy that you had a lovely night out with your hubby ;-)

tiger said...