Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a guy!

Last night was my turn to deal with the awful stomach virus that's going around at work.  After a perfectly relaxing evening of sushi & hanging with David & watching some of my Buffy dvd collection, I went to sleep.  And at midnight, I woke up to lose my stomach.  Erin was great running to go get David.  As scared as she was, she really helped.  David really isn't into the whole hanging around & holding hair back while you lose your stomach.

Once it was over, I was weak but desperately needed a shower.  He hung around to make sure I was alright.  When I was done, I could barely stand let alone comb my hair.  As I sat there crying because I felt awful & too weak to lift my arm, David combed out my hair.  my big lug of a guy who has no patience to be around people is so gentle & caring.

I've been feeling pretty off all day long, just weak & nauseaus.  David's been making sure that I get plenty of rest & eat things that won't set me off again.  He made sure that there was plenty of coke around to keep me settled.

Thanks David.  I love you.


Sandra said...

What a guy! I hope you feel better. Hugs!

Super Mommy said...

Sorry you're ill, but you have a gem of a husband who proved himself to you last night. Hope you get on the mend soon!

Candy said...

What a wonderful husband you have.

Vivian M said...

Glad you are feeling better! And thank you to David for taking care of you.