Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nutella Girl

She's a picky eater to say the least.  Last year when I was trying to figure out what I should send for lunch, my friend Sandra suggested Nutella.  Great idea! Erin loves Nutella.

Yesterday morning, she made herself breakfast. 


Vivian M said...

Cute! She is getting so big, I cannot get over how changed she is since the last time we saw Erin.

dawn said...

OMG it's a staple in our house too. I grew up on the stuff! I love that it has a kazillion calories per tiny serving cos Rosie loves it by the spoonful.
Erin, your sandwich looks great.

Love Letters To China said...

OMG... that's one my favorite things in the world! Do you buy it at Costco or BJ's? They have those gigantic jars for pennies compared to Publix. Your daughter has good taste... take it from an Italian girl who knows! I can't keep it in my house because we end up eating it by the spoonfuls. ;-)

Bella Parties with Lisa said...

Love it! Dante takes it for lunch sometimes... Nutella & Peanut Butter :-) I remember it from when I was a kid too, all the Italian kids at my grandmother's house used to come out with it.