Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Woo hoo!! We finally did it!

Over the last few years Erin has learned to enjoy swimming.  She enjoys it so much that our neighbors think she came with their pool.  ;-)

Aside from a few lessons back when Erin & I traveled to Texas for our travel group reunion, she has never been given formal lessons.  Living where we do, that is a big no no.  Sad to say, but drowning is something we hear about almost weekly in S FL.  Whenever we have allowed Erin to go swimming, there has always been someone around who is certified in CPR.

Since Erin isn't going to camp this summer, David & I are trying to find ways to fill her days.  I've been talking with my friend Lisa about swimming lessons.  Her son & daughter take them each summer.  This time I decided that I would look into getting Erin the formal lessons she really needs to have.

With Lisa's help, I found out where our city gives the lessons & evaluates the children to see where they are at in their swimming skills.  This morning, after a world class tantrum about how she knows everything there is to know about swimming, David & I took Erin to get evaluated.  The young lady who did the evaluation was very nice & explained to Erin that there are always things to learn.

So.  Erin starts taking Swimming Fundamentals 2 on June 4th.  We couldn't find a time during the week that worked.  All of the available time slots were either at 8:00 am or at 5:00 pm.  We had told Erin that this summer she could sleep late.  8:00 am class wasn't going to let her do that.  The 5:00 pm class was going to coincide with her karate lessons.  Karate is a priority in our home.  Not knowing what to do, we turned the decision over to Erin.  She decided to take her lessons on Saturday & Sunday mornings at 11:00 am.  We're hoping she won't complain too much since she made the choice.  We'll see. 

Either way, Erin is all set to learn about proper breathing & swim strokes.  She looks good in the water & does have a good base but needs to get more of a foundation.  If she likes it, maybe we'll sign her up for another session.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Good for you mama! Your girl is going to take her skills to the next level immediately!!

Vivian M said...

Awesome news, she is going to be fabulous!

dawn said...

yep, swimming lessons are a great thing and she will love how proficient she becomes.
Both our girls had them to brush up their (un)techniques and now do fabulously.

Candy said...

Very good decision made. Knowing how to swim when living in Florida, is a MUST! Glad Erin will get the proper instruction.

I'm sure she'll be a fish in no time.

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! So glad that she's willing to learn. Her world class tantrum sounds alarmingly familiar to my sassy lil man's pre-law argument that there wasn't anything more that he could possibly learn. After all, did I not know that he was an expert swimmer? Erin will do just fine and soon they will be racing from one end of the pool to the other this summer!