Thursday, June 02, 2011

On This Day

On this day 8 years ago, David & I became parents. 
On this day 8 years ago, Erin became a daughter.
On this day 8 years ago, we became a family.

There aren't enough words to thank anyone &/or everyone.  But we do.

To the woman who carried this child for 9 months, thank you.
To Mrs. Yu & the nannies who care for this child while we waited to become a family, thank you.
To the people of the CCAA who decided we belong together & matched us, thank you.
To the family, friends & co-workers who encouraged David & me to become parents, thank you.

To G-d above who decided that we really didn't have to be childless & that Chun HuaXu needed parents, thank you.

And to Erin the child that we have loved since the day we decided to adopt, we thank you.  From the first moment we saw your sweet, little face we knew that we were a family meant to be. 
Thank you Erin for showing your daddy that he could be a daddy & showing him just how much of a good daddy he is.
Thank you Erin for showing me that I can step back & learn to do things in a way that isn't my way & for understanding that I needed to be shown how to be silly.
Thank you Erin for adopting us as much as we adopted you.


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Lisa said...

TEsting a message.... Thanks for bringing Erin into our lives too!