Thursday, July 14, 2011

Annual Checkup & Answers

In 2010 at her 8 year old checkup, Erin weighed 43.5 pounds and was 45.25 inches tall.  I've been saying that she had a growth spurt this past year.  I was right.

At today's checkup, Erin weighed 48.5 pounds & is 46.5 inches tall.  That's a pretty nice growth spurt!

As always, Dr. L was wonderful.  She spoke with Erin asking her all the usual questions.  I laughed when she asked if Erin ate well - fruit, veggies, etc.  Let's face it.  Erin thinks chicken nuggets are a way of life, & if she absolutely has to eat vegetables, she'll eat some corn.  I kept quiet (or as quiet as I can be) & listened to what Erin had to say.  Then it was my turn.

I explained to Dr. L about all the changes in our life since 2010 - my job loss, David's surgeries & his subsequent job loss.  Of course no matter how hard a parent tries to make things easier for their children, the children know something is up.  Erin is no dummy.

Right before the nurse left us in the exam room, she gave Erin one of those paper gowns to wear for her exam.  Erin didn't want to wear it & kept reminding me that she didn't have to wear it last year.  I got so upset that I took her shirt off & put the gown on.  What a mean mommy!

Wow! What an eye opener! Immediately, Erin threw a tantrum - screaming, crying & twisting her hands as if she just couldn't handle it.  Being who I am, I couldn't let her be like that.  I took the gown off & put her regular shirt on.  Holding her in my lap, calming her down, I was able to get her to tell me that the gown hurt her.  Hmmm . . .

I spoke with Dr. L about things bluntly.  I told her what happened with the paper gown, Erin's academic issues, sleep issues, texture issues & everything.  I mentioned that I had done some research on my own (which I know all doctors love to hear) & believe that Erin has markers for both Sensory Processing & Auditory Processing Disorders.  I love that Dr. L really listened to me.

In her opinion, Erin may have short term memory problems along with the possibility of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) & APD (Auditory Processing Disorder).  She was, as always, very helpful.  I now have the names of 2 doctors that work with the school district & can assess her for short term memory problems.  I also have the name of an audiologist for an evaluation for SPD & APD.

I'll be on the phone tomorrow setting up appointments.  G-d willing we're on our way to getting Erin the help she needs.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Oh Tammie, I am so glad that Dr L is there for all of us. Please let me know who she referred to you in Audiology. It is a small field and I will make sure they are the best. Hugs to you and Erin. Of course David too!

Love you!

Vivian M said...

So glad you are getting answers!

Teena in Toronto said...

I hope all is well with her.

Happy blogoversary :)

One Happy Mama said...

Tammie - are you able to get Erin an OT evaluation? That will tell you if she has a sensory disorder. For her suspected auditory issues the audiologist should be trained in testing for APD (most are not). Has she had a full neuro/psych eval? That could really help pinpoint an issue, getting you on the right track to helping her. Best of luck, you are wonderful for advocating for her and I am glad someone is listening to your concerns. -Nancy

PletcherFamily said...

Hi! I came across your blog and what I am reading sounds just like our son that we adopted from China in 2007. He has the same issues. He will begin Kindergarten this year, and - like you - we are very concerned. We work with him at home, but we know that something is just not right. I am glad I came across your blog!