Monday, July 31, 2006

Wow! I'm blogging now. Imagine that!

Okay, so I've decided to join the blogging world after reading & enjoying what my friends have been doing for the last year or so. It's not that I have much to say but rather that I want to save my thoughts for later on. I hope you'll forgive me when I ramble on.

David & I decided to adopt back in the summer of 2000. This was such a miracle for me since in 1996 he had told me that he didn't really want children. Back in college I'd told him that I wanted 4 children, & he told me he only wanted 1 child.

We started our paperwork October 2000 with Great Wall China Adoption & the journey began. After some major ups & downs, our paperwork was sent to China in February 2002. We had a heck of a wait - 14 months! April 1, 2003 is etched in my memory as THE DAY MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. We received a referral for the most solemn looking little girl. My friend Wendy told us that she had an old soul in her eyes & she would be very smart. June 2, 2003 was our Gotcha Day. The nanny from the Yangchun SWI placed a very quiet, sad looking baby into my arms, & the tears flowed - both mine & David's. While in China, friends & family emailed us through our yahoo group "Hersh Travel to China." My friend Lyssette put it simply:

E = exotic child
R = received in Guangzhou China
I = instantly loved
N = ???? (I can't believe that I can't remember this. I'll have to update it when I can find it.)

All this & more is true. I actually think that the "N" was equal to nourished a family with love.

We recently celebrated 3 years of being a Forever Family. Yes, there have been ups & downs. I wouldn't trade any of them for 1 thing in this world. We tell Erin every night: "We love you always & forever. No matter what." Then she repeats it & we all say goodnight.


Lori said...


I am glad that I was able to help with your blog; if even only a little bit. Welcome to the Blogging World. There are some great people blogging every day about their wonderful families and now there is one more great person added to the mix.

I am also happy to say that I have made your first comment :)

Congrats on 3 years with your precious Erin.

Much love,
Justin and Katie Starr's mommy

Sandra said...

Yeah, Tammie!!! Welcome to the blogging world. Watch out - it's addicting!