Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just Order One . . .

This past Monday night, I needed to go to WalMart after work. The problem was that David needed me to pick Erin up from school also. When I picked her up, I explained that I needed to go shopping but could only do so if she would behave. Needless to say, WalMart is one of her favorite places so she promised she would behave. Bribery worked really well here too. I told her she could have chicken nuggets from McDonald's if she did behave.

We went through the store completing our shopping without any problems. (Boy did she want those darn nuggets!) As we're getting ready to go to the checkout, Erin looks at me & says "Mama, I want a baby." I told her she had plenty of babies at home thinking she meant one of her dolls. So she told me she meant a real baby. I explained to her that our family was complete because I can't make babies & she was the perfect daughter for David & me. Erin got really insistent & almost begged so I asked her since I can't make a baby, how would we get one. (Don't ask a question if you're not prepared for the answer.) Erin told me we could order one. Huh!? Order a baby!? I had to ask where we could order a baby from just to find out what was in her mind. She looked at me as if I were a total dufus & said "Mama, order a baby from China!" Oh.

David wasn't quite as impressed by this conversation as I was. It seems that Erin doesn't hold these conversations with him - ever. I know he thinks down deep that I put her up to it because I want to have another child, but in true guy fashion, he only denies it.

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Sandra said...

I see Miss Erin likes to read "We're different, we're the same" as well...It's a favorite at our house as well...I like that picture of Erin a lot.