Sunday, November 26, 2006


Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. Rather than go out for our usual breakfast & rush home to take care of our part in the family dinner, we made some changes. We stayed home & had a wonderfully lazy breakfast. Erin has had an amazing appetite recently & ate an entire half a bagel with cream cheese & lox. After breakfast, Erin & I started our preparations by making a sweet potato casserole. Usually my family insists upon me making my grandmother's sweet potatoes, but I told them that was too labor intensive since I always go home with too many leftovers. When the casserole was done, Erin & I baked dessert - 2 apple pies. David always helps out with the crust, & I do everything else. This year we all tried to deal with the crust but ended up throwing out 3 batches of pie crust & using a store bought shell. I was so disappointed since I've always made my own crust.

We went over to my cousins' house for dinner later that day. Erin got to play with her cousins Fallon & Joshua all afternoon. David & I got to visit & chat with my aunt & uncle & my cousins. It was a nice day. When we got home, Erin passed out & slept all night long. Life is good.

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Sandra said...

Just look at how cute she is! Too bad about the pie crust. I always struggle with a homemade crust!! Pillsbury to the rescue for me!