Monday, April 23, 2007

It's My Blog, & I'll Complain If I Want To!!

Many of us have our own blogs these days. We use them to journal our feelings, experiences & of course to keep in touch with family & friends. Many of us blog about not only the positives but also about the negatives that we deal with in life. Unfortunately, there are people who blast (a/k/a flame) the poster. Now, I do believe that we have a right to blog/post what is on our minds. When we belong to a yahoo group, we should try to be as considerate as possible (just MHO here). Remember that we are reading words "on a piece of paper" so we can't hear what the person is "saying" with all of the intonations & such. However, when we blog, we are on our own forum & should feel comfortable knowing that no one will blast us.

Sometimes people don't have their own blog so their comments have to be made anonymously. On the other hand, you have the people who do have blogs but chose to remain anonymous so that they can be, well, downright nasty in their comments. Because of this situation, many of my fellow bloggers (myself included) have chosen to not allow anonymous comments. It may be something for you to consider.

It's a sorry state of affairs that we now have to worry about what we write on our own blogs.


mpeffly1 said...

I agree with you Tammie!!! Did you get a nasty comment??

Unfortunately I will not be able to leave messages on your blog now that will link to my blog, only my e-mail :-(

C.J. said...

Right on! If you don't want to read something move on and don't read it is my philosophy.

Don't let toads get you down.

Wendy said...

Freedom of speech!!!! you go girl