Friday, June 01, 2007

Erin Graduates Pre-K at Temple Beth Am

Last night my beautiful girl graduated Pre-K! We had to be there with the children by 6:00pm. The program was supposed to start at 6:30 but didn't get going till 6:45. While we were outside wondering where Erin was supposed to be, her teacher the marvelous Miss Ethel came & took Erin with her to get ready. I cannot sing Miss Ethel's & Miss Monica's praises loud enough. They are 2 amazing women who are totally dedicated to teaching young children - not just their ABCs & 123s but also how to be good people.
As we waited outside, I got to talking with the mother of a girl who will be in Erin's camp bunk this summer & Kindergarten class come August. Michelle & I met last week at my office & got to talking. Anyway, it was nice to have someone to chat with while we waited since if it was only David & myself, a box of tissues wouldn't have been enough.
As we were seated in the sanctuary, I thought back to the day we received Erin's referral. That picture showed me a glimpse of the child who I had been waiting for all of my life - Erin. As I thought back, I realized that Erin was like a blank slate, a blackboard with no writing. Then I remembered the day we were joined as a family. Erin still didn't have a clue what was in store for her - a loving, supportive family & many friends.
Each year that Erin has been with us, I am always amazed by her. She is a beautiful, caring, loving child. If there is a baby around, she zeroes in on that baby. Her only concern is that the baby isn't lonely or doesn't need anything. In school, if a classmate needs assistance, I am told by Miss Ethel & Miss Monica that Erin is the first one up to help out.
David & I are so proud of Erin's accomplishments. The baby who couldn't sit up when we adopted her, now is on her way to flying through life.
Mazal Tov Chuchie! Mama & Dada love you - a whole big bunch, always & forever, no matter what!


The Katie Starr Team said...

Ok woman; now you are making me into an emotional wreck every time I read your blog. Erin is such a special and loving child; just ask Katie Starr.

We love you Erin!!! Congratulations big girl :)

Lisa said...

Aw, Erin! We're so proud of you, too! It's cool that Dante and Erin get to enjoy many of the same accomplishments at the same time. I, too, as a mom have enjoyed watching Erin grow and blossom and getting to know her better over the last months. Congratulations Princess Erin!

C.J. said...

Congrats to you beautiful girl!

Sandra said...

Oh Tammie, this post made me cry!!! Congratulations, beautiful Erin!

Vivian Masson said...

Congratulations and Mazel Tov to Erin and her proud parents! Sorry we missed it!

Michelle said...

It is amazing how quick these little ones grow up. Your blog is just so special. Erin can look back on this and know how much she is loved.

Congratulations Erin!