Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mama, where is "E" from?

Today Erin had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon. We ran into "E's" parents at the party store when we were looking for things for Erin's party. "E's" parents are just so nice & warm. They always have a smile for the children & something sweet to say.
When we left Party City, Erin asked me "Mama, where is "E" from? HUH!? So I asked Erin what she meant. She repeated her question in exactly the same way. At the same time, David & I both said "Florida." So Erin said "NO! Where is she from before Florida?"
I realized what Erin was asking. I said to her "Erin, do you think "E" is adopted because she looks like you?" And, of course, she said yes. (A little background - "E's" mother is Philipinno & is married to a caucasian man.) I then explained to Erin that even though "E" looks like her, she isn't adopted. I reminded Erin that "E's" mommy also looks like her. Then I explained that "E" came from her mommy's tummy & isn't adopted.
Oh! Mama, can I listen to music now please?


Lisa said...

Aww.... isn't it moments like this that ya just love them to death? Too cute, and very observant of Miss Erin!

C.J. said...

That was easy to satisfy her curiosity.

Observant, she is :0)

Vivian Masson said...

I am always amazed at the things Erin says! Nice explanation.

The Katie Starr Team said...

Excellent explanation; your baby is growing up!!