Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Flying Pig is Here!

My friend Michelle is a marathon runner with a big heart. She runs for a reason & usually some cause is benefitting while she helps to raise funds. This time, she's running The Flying Pig Marathon which benefits the Ohio Valley Voices School. This school gives non-hearing children the opportunity to learn how to speak thereby giving them a voice. My fellow Waiting Heart Sandra's daughter goes to this school so, of course, this is a cause near & dear to my own heart. Please take a peek, & if you're interested in supporting Michelle, stop by her blog.


Sandra said...

On behalf of OVV and Jazzie, thanks Tammie. You and Michelle are the best.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the support! You are awesome!

fricke92 said...

I enjoy running and am in awe of marathoners...I'll stop by and check out her blog! (I have a friend who runs the Flying Pig most year as well.)