Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Like It's Going Out of Style

That's how Erin has been eating this week. After school on Sunday, we went out to eat lunch at one of our favorite places. We've been going to Moon Thai since before we brought Erin home so it's always a good guess that we're going to end up there.
In the last 6 or 7 months Erin has been dipping her finger into my salad because she loves their super yummy peanut dressing. She recently began to eat some of my lettuce as long as it is totally coated (read drenched here) in the dressing. This past Sunday Erin decided to eat her own salad (again lettuce drenched in peanut dressing) & got through about a quarter of it. When the miso soup was served to us, she promptly tucked right in & ate almost half of it. Why is this so surprising? Well, she's never eaten soup before & turned us down repeatedly in the past with our offers for her to try it. She enjoyed it so much that the server sent her home with a whole new cup of soup. We thought that would be the end of Erin's lunch & probably food for the day. Nope. She managed to eat some of her pad thai dish.
No sooner than we got home that she started with "I still hungry." HUH??? Who the heck is this kid with a bottomless pit for a tummy!? She got to eat grapes. We only had green grapes which she's always refused in the past. Munched on those like there was no tomorrow!
Dinnertime came, & Erin ate her entire slice of lasagna. She even at the meat from the sauce which she usually leaves on the dish. It made me so happy to see her eat with enthusiasm. After dinner, she was again still hungry but we decided to put the brakes on her eating.
She's been eating like this all week long! I can't believe that she's eating 3 complete meals a day now. Too cool!


Vivian M said...

Is she going through a growth spurt?
Knowing how picky she is about eating, I would let her eat to her heart's content! Now is a good time to introduce some new things in her diet?

fricke92 said...

HAHA...get ready to buy new clothes in the next size up! :)

My kids do that and it ALWAYS preceeds a growth spurt up.

Let her go at it. I agree with Vivian...perfect time to introduce some new foods.

Sandra said...

Must be a growth spurt coming!!!

We all LOVE pad thai at our house!

PIPO said...

Good for her! Now, I wish I could slow down on those same behaviors ;0)

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Love that Miss Erin is enjoying new foods; way to go Erin!

Lisa said...

LOL, like I said when we talked about it, sounds like a growth spurt coming! I'll make room in Olivia's closet... LMAO! Go, Erin -- eat MORE!