Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Problem? What Problem?

The state of education is really pissing me off.

My stepmother has been teaching for 30 years. This week she told me that all of the staff in her school district will be receiving a notice of layoff within the next month. WHAT!?!? Everyone??? Her school district in CA doesn't have enough money left in the budget to pay anyone. How the hell can that happen!?

What will happen to the children? How do they get an education without teachers? According to Nancy the long-term teachers probably won't lose their jobs but classes will be getting considerably bigger. So much for the low teacher/student ration.

What will happen to the people who depend on the income from these jobs? I can't imagine. Oh, and by the way, once these people have their jobs eliminated or they retire, they also lose their medical benefits up to & including prescription coverage. Nice? I think not.

Do we have problems? With what? I don't see any problems. Wanna guess who believes that line of horse hockey? Ugh!


Kyra said...

It is a sad fact that CA is on the verge of bankruptcy. The years of allowing illegal immigration has taken it's toll(nothing against the fine people who want a better life, but the infrastucture just can't keep up). Unfortunately the educational system is always the first to suffer. This year we will get IOU's instead of state income tax refunds and probably will never see that money again(OK I am a bit pessimistic).
I feel sad for your stepmother and I fear for many business owners in CA. Many businesses are leaving CA because of the high tax toll.
Hope CA won't take away the right to homeschool and make the schools even more overburdened.
Take care,
Kyra who left Coral Springs in 1999 for her hubby's CA!

Magi said...

I hear ya. It's a sad and scary time for so many people. I truly think part of the problem is we have a society that values sports and entertainment over education.

Not that there aren't problems in education. There are plenty. I just wish we, as a whole, gave more than lip-service to educating our children.

fricke92 said...

Now that is scary. And sadly, the kids will suffer in the long run. Poor education now = being less prepared for good job opportunities in the future. Scary times.

PIPO said...

Seriously sad times...

Vivian M said...

How awful. I wish your step mom the best of luck if she decides to look for another job. The economic crisis is scary and we breathe a sigh of relief every day when hubby comes home and still has a job.

LisaC said...

It is scary to see just how many areas - and people - are affected by the state of our economy. California just happens to be one of I think 7 states that are ready for bankruptcy. You'd think that education is a right for our children, but not if there's no money to pay people to give it to them. What will come of all this in the near future? I wonder just how much worse it will all get before it gets better... and when will that be?