Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"That's not a nice joke!" Click

That is exactly what happened 6 years ago.
I got "THE CALL" at 2:43 pm at work. After a miserable 14 month wait, my phone call came on April Fool's Day 2003. I was so distressed that I didn't even care who it was that was calling. I hung up all pissed off. How could someone do that to me after 14 long, miserable, hellish months of waiting & wondering & crying. You need to understand that in 2003, 14 months was the absolute longest wait anyone had ever heard of to receive a referral.
Thank G-d that Emily of Great Wall called back. I've never heard anyone speak so quickly & try to keep me on the phone. Screaming she said "No! Wait! Tammie this is really the call. It's not an April Fool's joke." By that time, the woman who had hired me to work for the bank walked into the office. Everyone in the office (both co-workers & clients) was waiting & holding their breath. You could have dropped a pin & heard it.

And the tears started. Not that they've ever really ended. And, yes there are still some tears of frustration. Most of them are tears of love & joy.

Erin's Referral Pic
Taken January 2003

Erin taken just last Friday night at party.


fricke92 said...

Erin is growing into such a beautiful little girl! Such happy memories!

Pug Mama said...

That is the FUNNIEST referral story evah!!!!
I would have liked to get call today. Maybe tomorrow.
I just can't get over how grown and BEAUTIFUL she looks.

Sandra said...

No joke indeed! I still remember us talking abour Erin's cute little toes. I'm so glad we were able to share that moment then and that we are still here, 6 years later.

Vivian M said...

Happy referral day!!!! So, what do you want for your birthday?

PIPO said...

Happy Referral Day Anny.

Your girl is growing up lovely.

Candy said...

Congratulations! Great picture of Erin. (Who's that behind her?)

Alyson and Ford said...

Congrats! Wow, what a joke!
Too funny...
We had some excitement on our referral day too.

Your daughter is beautiful!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Six Months!

Super Mommy said...

Sounds like something I would do Tammie!! I LOVE Erin's referral photo - her little feet are adorable!!

Dawn said...

OK so I know it isn't funny really but do you laugh about it now? (snicker snicker)

OMG Erin has the cutest toes I have ever seen in my life and I do not do toes.

I remember the waits in 03 they were considered horrendous weren't they....who knew.

♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

Hello My Friend..

Erin is so BEAUTIFUL!!
Enjoy your little girl vwith love and any wishes you want,the kids grow tooooo fast.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for visitng my blog.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now! :)

Praying Jeremiah HOME SOON!

Shari McConahay said...

Congrats on your referral anniversary! And I can say Happy April Fool's Day! yeah, I am a few days late on commenting, but I have a good excuse - getting ready to travel is really cutting into my blog time. LOL

Love & hugs,

Lesa said...

Ouch. Glad she called back.
Emily is the one who called us also for Wendy Oct.14th 04!

What a memorable date for you guys.

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