Sunday, August 05, 2012

Rockin' 10!! Bowling Party

Super excited to celebrate with her friends

Entering the double digits

Goody bags

Yummy food
Birthday Presents
Erin & Mama
Erin & Daddy

Birthday Cake Yumminess

Erin turned 10 on July 30th.  It's an awesome thing to remember that sweet little 10 month old that was gifted to us.  Recently I am seeing visions of the teen she will become.  G-d help us! I pray we make it through the teens because she is one social party animal!

After much debating, Erin decided she wanted a few of her close friends to help her celebrate by having a bowling party.  No girly girl for us.  She had to have a Lego cake topped by her fave Star Wars Lego minifigures.  Thanks to my dear friend Jolene from Ladybug Cake Creations, Erin had her dream cake.  Yummo!!

Bowling with her friends.  Dancing around the bowling alley.  Going to the game room.  Smiles & laughter.  It was all good.  But I think that the best part for Erin was having her daddy make sure he was there to celebrate.  I loved having David with me to share in the joy.  He has eyes only for Erin (& me as well of course) & in her eyes, he is the ultimate super hero.

Happy 10th Birthday Erin!!!
We love you always & forever no matter what!!


dawn said...

Happy birthday Erin. A girl and her Daddy, it is a beautiful thing.
Signed, a very proud daddy's girl.

Vivian M said...

Love, love, love!!!! Happy birthday beautiful Erin.

Sandra said...

So much fun! The pictures of you with Erin and David and Erin are my favorites!!!