Saturday, September 22, 2012

5773 - In With a Bang

This past Sunday evening was the beginning of Rosh HaShanah - the Jewish New Year.  I had high hopes for the New Year.

Unfortunately, Sunday afternoon we received a call from David's friend Vinny.  His mom had been in the hospital & passed away that morning after surgery the previous day.  Mrs. S. had made arrangements a long time ago to be buried down here with Vinny's dad so he was heading down here.  Both David & I were saddened to learn that none of his family offered him a place to stay for the duration.  Needless to say, we told Vinny our home was open to him.
Erin & I never made it to services on Monday as our home needed to be cleaned up for our company.  David, Erin & I busted tush to get the house in order.  (I must say it's looking good now.)  We were exhausted after a full day project!
Tuesday we went to H0ly Cr0ss H0spital so David could have an arthrogram (xray of a joint) on his shoulder.  We've been worried that he has another necrotic lesion in his left shoulder.  The orthopaedic dr believes it is a bone spur but we need to be sure.  Talk about a disaster! If it could go wrong, it did.  First the staff decided he was there for an MRI - something he can't have due to his spinal cord stimulator implant.  Then after the CT scan, the attending doc disappeared! We left & hope to have results this coming week.  By the time we got home, we all needed a nap!
Vinny arrived late Wednesday evening.  He was in pretty good shape all things considered.  I guess that even though his mom passed, it hadn't really hit him.  Or perhaps he didn't want to grieve in front of Erin - who was thrilled that Mr. Vinny was here for a visit.
We said goodbye to Mrs. S yesterday.  Vinny held up pretty well all things considered.  I had to go back to work, & David needed to come home.  Vinny went to lunch with his cousins so they could have some time together.
This afternoon Vinny left to go back home to his wife.  Mary wasn't able to come down with him because they have no one who could watch their 2 fur babies.  I know that the 2 of them will take their time grieving & getting use to life without Mrs. S in it.
Mrs. S, wherever you may be, please know that your Vinny will always be a part of our family.  And when you look down upon us, as I know you will, you will see that your son is loved - by his wife, his few cousins & us.  We'll do our best to keep him smiling.


Sandra said...

I'm sorry the new year started of like this. I'm sure Vinnie will be forever grateful to have been able to stay with you and David during this difficult time.
Hope the year will only get better from here on out. Hugs!

Vivian M said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. And so hoping and praying the worst is over. Huge hugs to you all with all our love.