Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween??

Erin & I went to my friend Debbie's house this past Saturday night for a Halloween party. I had brought over things for the children to do a few crafts projects. Erin is very recently getting into doing crafts - coloring, play dough, painting, etc. I bought all kinds of Halloween foam stickers so the children could make door hangers & placemats. Erin really had a blast all dressed up in her red witch costume.

Happy Halloween?? I'm not really sure we can that this year. Yesterday Erin was sent home from school with a temp of 102.7. Although we got her fever down during the evening, it shot up again overnight. She & I stayed home today so we could visit her favorite doctor - Dr. Liang. According to Erin, Dr. Liang looks like "W" a character on the show Good Eats. The good doctor & her staff were dressed to the nines today in celebration of Halloween. It was a great office visit even though we're still not 100% sure why she's sick. Oh well, she's got a few days off from school with mommy paying full attention to her girl.

Hope everyone out there had a great time today/tonight!

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Sandra said...

Poor Erin, I hope she feels better. She looks beautiful in her dress, though!