Saturday, January 20, 2007

Erin Loves Her FCC Time

Once a month we go out to dinner with a bunch of families who have adopted from a variety of Asian countries although most are from China. In addition, once a month on a Saturday, we attend a play date at a local park.
It's always nice to see Erin with a group of children where she doesn't stand out. Of course, it's also nice that I don't have to explain to anyone that, yes, my daughter looks Oriental & then have to explain that it's because she's from China. Thankfully, I don't get too many foolish questions once they hear Erin is Chinese.
These are people who have fast become a support group for me in many ways. I don't have to explain to anyone why I don't have bio children. They understand why I'm so nuts about Erin's sleep issues. They know why I've chosen a particular pediatrician - even if there are closer ones to my home. These same people understand that I cry at the drop of a pin looking at my daughter & their children too just because the day ends in "Y."
Maybe that's why I love my FCC time too.


SAndra said...

This was a wonderful post, Tammie. I am glad you are so close with your FCC group. We have several friends who adopted from China, but we are not particularly close with the FCC, although we are members.

The Katie Starr Team said...

We are so fortunate to have such a supportive FCC Group. I think your sentiments were perfectly stated.

Magi said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Tammie, and, more importantly, for answering my question! I knew there had to be a reason to get both.

Your daughter is just gorgeous. It sounds like you have a nice support system with your FCC group. We don't have a local FCC, but there is a local group of adoptive parents that have started getting together informally.

Thanks again!