Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Favorite TV Shows

Recently we had some new members join our FCC family. Shari & Myke are really quite nice, & I've gotten to know Shari especially from her great blog & conversations at the FCC dinners. It turns out that she & I have very similar taste in television shows along with other areas of interest. I have found that we enjoy many of the same shows.
That said, I wanted to list a few of my favorite shows. Maybe you'll find something here you like also!
Now for those of you who know the reality of parenthood, you can't forget the children! Here are some of Erin's favorites.
Yes, Erin will be 5 this coming Monday, but she has her own taste. Along with what I've listed, she loves to watch many of the same shows that David & I are into. Obviously, we're not going to let her watch something like The Dresden Files, but what's wrong with Dirty Jobs? I know there are people out there in BlogLand who dislike tv for young children. That's your choice. David & I choose to allow Erin to watch a wide variety of shows. They can be relaxing and often just plain ole foolish; however, many are educational just in the end lesson of the show.


Vivian M said...

Hey Good Eats is a separate show!
As for kids and TV, I just think about the crap I watched and I turned out somewhat normal!

Sandra said...

I love the same Food Network shows!! I had forgotten that Erin's b-day is so soon after Jazzie's :-)

C.J. said...

I saw nothing beyond 'Dirty Jobs' and my sweets Mike Rowe ;0)

Shari McConahay said...

Hi Tammie,

Thanks for the "shout"! It is amazing how Myke found you in Taget and we have so much more in common than two average strangers. And the more we talk, the more we find in common! Weird, huh? I have my fave show listed on my blog. I am such a TV-aholic and a BLOGaholic, too bad I am not a sleepaholic - that might cure the bags under my eyes! There are shows that Myke and I watch together and then shows that we each watch, but the other is not fond of - which I have to imagine is completely normal, i mean, we work together and are together almost all the time, so a few things have to remain separate!
Take care,
Shari : )