Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Man in My Life Night

This past Monday Erin's school hosted their annual "Man in My Life" night. David was feeling horrible after a hard day at work & his hand was bothering him so I went in his place. Erin & I joked around that I was going to be both mommy & daddy for the evening. I was glad to find that I wasn't the only mother attending the evening's event.
The children got to make "junk sculptures" using recyclable items. You'd be amazed what can be done with plastic cupcake containers! The children sure have vivid imaginations. After completing their sculptures, their teacher Miss Cindy read a story to them. We ended the evening with cookies & a drink.
When we got home, Erin was so excited to tell her daddy what she made. Then she conked out.


Beverly said...

Sounds like fun. I will have to use the junk sculpture at home. I am always looking for projects to do with Glenys.


Vivian M said...

What a great idea! Kerri always plays with what is in our recycle bin, but I never thought of using it to make crafts.
Sorry to hear David is not feeling well, hope he gets better soon!

Magi said...

Sounds like a fun night!