Monday, August 11, 2008

Halloween in August



Erin as Dorothy

Katie Starr makes a beautiful Minnie Mouse

Ethan is the cutest Mickey Mouse

Marc & Lori vamping it up!

Saturday was a busy day for Erin & me. Our friends Shari & Myke own a local business that sells Halloween costumes. They are getting ready for their very busy season right now. All this while they're in the midst of adopting from Vietnam! I don't know how they're still standing.

Shari & Myke invited a few of our FCC children to participate in this year's video. The children got to dress up & play games for a few hours. In the end, they'll have a video to show off all of their amazing costumes. Erin has already planned her Halloween costume for this year!


Candy said...

Looks like you all had a great time.

fricke92 said...

How FUN!!! I adore Erin's costume! Elise saw Halloween decorations at Michael's recently and is already planning out her costume as well.

Lisa said...

WAAAAYYYYY FUN! It's amazing how big Halloween is down here. I wish them well this season!