Monday, August 18, 2008

What did you do on the first day of school?

Ah yes. The first day of school. It was cancelled for today & has now been cancelled for tomorrow. The only reason I'm not terribly upset is that Erin has to remain home until the 20th.
I called Erin's pediatrician this morning as early as possible to get an appointment. David & I are not happy with her lack of progress from the medication for her allergies. So this morning I drove, in the pouring rain with almost no visibility, to Dr. Liang. I couldn't believe how long it took to get to her office because of the weather - almost a half hour for a normal 15-20 minute drive. So after waiting an hour for the infamous Dr. Liang, she finally came in & apologized for taking so long. After a few questions & a quick glance at Erin's throat & nose, the diagnosis came in. Erin has a heck of a sinus infection. Oh goody.
Off we went to the pharmacy to drop off the prescription & then to Publix for a quick shop. When Erin is sick, she refuses to eat so my instructions are to let her eat anything she wants & keep her drinking juice. This way she won't loose any weight. At 39 pounds, Erin is considered very petite. So on with the pop tarts, waffles, pudding & juice. For a kid that doesn't sound like a bad diet, but for a mom who tries to keep the sugar down, it's not good. In fact, normally Erin will eat chicken nuggets, cheese, pasta, but for now she won't even look at that stuff. Veggies? Don't bother. She won't eat them on a good day.
So we came home, played some games, took a nap after Daddy came home. And she took her new meds. According to her, they're gross.
I guess things are normal. And hopefully school will start Wednesday with Erin sitting in her new class.


fricke92 said...

The weather sounds frightful! Hope the meds start to attack the germs so Erin can head to school!

Candy said...

So sorry to hear that Erin is still not well. Hopefully the new medication will work fast and she'll be ready for school on Wednesday.

Super Mommy said...

Glad you finally got a diagnosis - now Erin can get treated and hopefully will feel well enough to eat good food. HUGS!!