Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow! What an amazing weekend we had!
Friday night, I took Erin over to my friends Lori & Marc to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. They had invited some of the families from our local FCC group for a quiet (ha!) evening. One couple is in the process of adopting from Vietnam while the rest of us have adopted from China. We enjoyed a dinner of Chinese food. What else would you expect from us!? Our children got to stay up super late & play the night away. Erin enjoyed the fireworks but really couldn't have cared less about the rest.
As the children of China marched onto the field, I started to choke up & cry. All I could think of was how much China has given up by adopting out their children. In fact, for one moment, I was bitter that China could even consider giving up just one child. And then I thanked G-d that China does adopt out their children. After all, if China didn't, then Erin wouldn't be in my life. Neither would these families who have come to mean so much to me.
At one point in the evening, Lori & Marc set up their computer so we could skype our friends The Choi Clan. It was my first experience with skype, & I must say that I'll be trying it soon with my Canadian pals & my family. Kim & her children came across a 10 foot screen & said hello to all of our town. I'm sure my cousins who live around the corner heard Kim invite the town to watch the Olympics. Erin thought it was cool to see Aimee, Hansen & Cadence on the screen.
It was a lovely evening! When Erin & I got home, we fell into bed. I think I was asleep before she was!


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

It was another wonderful evening spent with friends that have become like family. You all mean very much to us.

fricke92 said...

Sounds like tons of fun! My niece skyped her parents and grandparents every day while she was studying abroad in Germany. It really is remarkable technology!

Lisa said...

Way cool, I know this night was special - and emotional (but what else is new?) - for you. You're right, thanks to China for allowing these special children into your lives! After all, if it were not for Erin, I never would have met you - or Viv, for that matter. And you both are such dear friends to me! And I think it's great that you guys all get together to celebrate these occasions.