Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I can't really remember life before Erin. However, I do know that since Erin came into our lives, we have met some very special people.
When Erin was a baby, & home not very long, David & I were both home sick. I was reading email (as usual) & there was a plea for help on one of my boards. A woman in the paperwork stage of her adoption was having trouble getting some documents notarized. I happened to have my notary stamp home so I emailed her that I'd be happy to help her out. We scheduled a time for her to come over, & the rest is history.
This family has become so special to us in so many ways. While they talk about how Kerri wouldn't have come home (Bull hockey!) without my notary work, they gave us a greater gift. That same little girl has shown David that he really can love more than one child. He seems to have this special bond with Kerri. When Viv & Corey were worried about guardianship plans for Kerri, David spoke out & told them that we would take Kerri if the need ever arose. WHOA!!! That sure blew Viv, Corey & me away.
Today is their day. Today Viv & Corey are celebrating 7 years of love, friendship & marriage together. And we couldn't be any happier for them.
We love you guys! Enjoy your special day!


fricke92 said...

What an amazing story! I didn't realize that was how you met. I'd assumed from reading both of your blogs that you'd been friends for years and years and years. Aren't those the best friendships? Just goes to show how far those little acts of kindness can really go.

Vivian M said...

Wow, this post brought me to tears. For once, I am using more tissues than you - and not just to blow my nose!
I met you in 2004. I will never forget that day. David had his feet up because he just had surgery. Your dog and cat brushed their white fur all over my black clothes! And I met the most wonderful woman, who took the time not only to help us with hopeless paperwork, but to share your personal story and pictures of your adoption trip. I never imagined how close we would become, or how loved. And how special you all are, not just to us, but especially to our daughter Kerri. And to think we lived so close and yet never bumped into each other!
Thank you. Your friendship is the greatest gift, and I am a better person for having all three of you in our lives. And Kerri loves her godsister!!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

The world of adoption is filled with the most amazing people. You both are two of the most amazing I know and I am so happy that you have such a special connection.