Monday, September 22, 2008

Spitting Nails

Right now I'm so pissed off that I could spit nails! I don't even know where the heck to begin so I'll try to do this bullet style.
  • Why did I have to buy over $100 worth of school supplies for Erin? Will she actually use 9 yellow folders, 1 blue folder, 1 1-inch binder, 1 marble composition book, 5 yellow wide-ruled spiral bound notebooks, a pack of 48 crayons, 1 pack of dry erase markers, 1 pack of sharpie markers, 1 pack of copy paper, 1 pack of erasers & all the other crap I had to buy!! Impossible! So far when she's come home with homework, I've wondered why the teacher didn't send home any of the pencils, crayons, notebooks or paper that she will need to complete the assignment. How the heck can a child learn to write properly if you don't give him/her ruled paper!? Why would you assume that after going to 2 different stores & spending over $100 that I have any of those same supplies in my house!? I sent them in to school!!! SO WHERE ARE THE SUPPLIES??? Who is using them?? Certainly not Erin.
  • I have Erin enrolled in Hebrew school at the synagogue that we belong to rather than the one at which I have taught for the last 17 years. Why? Because she shouldn't be in my classroom, & the other 1st grade teacher has a tendency to spoil Erin. David went to the Open House for Erin's Sunday school class. On the way home from my own teaching, I called to see how things went. He warned me. He told me I wasn't going to like it. Then he made me wait the entire half hour till I got home to discuss things with me. Why is my daughter using a book that teaches letter recognition that is just plain ole wrong!? How can I say this? Easily. I've taught 1st grade Sunday school since 1989. I know what I'm talking about here. Hebrew letters are NOT the same as English letters. They may make the same sound, but there is no comparison beyond that. Her books teach that there is a comparison. And because, the director of the school knows me, I have to tread lightly. I don't tread lightly well. I kind of do a stampede when I'm in this mood.
  • After not being sure of whether or not I should continue teaching on Sundays, I went back. My director & I had a long talk. We came to a point where we both got what we wanted. Cool. Great. Couldn't be happier about it. On top of that, I've got a class this year that I'm so happy with I can't wait to go in & teach. My co-teacher has a habit of walking in while I'm in the middle of a lesson to ask me stuff. You know. Where am I in the lesson? Will I be doing all the work in class or sending some home? If she doesn't come in, she'll send her student aid. I constantly have to remind her that I'm in the middle of a lesson & we can talk after class ends. I have never liked being interrupted. Ask David. He'll tell you that interrupting me can be taking your life in your hands. I consider it the ultimate in rudeness. In this case, I loose my class because now they're distracted. I have to be almost pissy with the other teacher who is a very dear woman.
  • On top of all that, I can't sleep. David passed out over 2 hours ago. Erin went in without a fight for the 2nd night in a row about 8:00. And, me? I can't fall asleep for nuthin'!


Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Sometimes being a teacher is very difficult, especially watching other teachers doing things we know are just not right!

PIPO said...

Sorry about the seething. Hope you got some long last. That makes even the most annoying appear rosier (for a while).

fricke92 said...

I can so relate to getting worked up (I'm ticked at Carson's teacher at the moment and trying very hard to NOT burn a bridge in this process myself!) A big ol' glass of wine helps me at times like this! :)

Vivian M said...

I think it's time to talk to a few people.
1. Erin's teacher...and ask why are not any of the supplies available to Erin?
2. Hebrew School director dude...maybe you can convince him to change books?
3. Your Sunday school peer/aide...and explain them about how disruptive their interruptions are to class and that you are not to be disturbed until class is over unless there is a fire.
Of course, some things you cannot change, so it's best to take a deep breath and let it go. And next time, CALL ME to vent, sheesh!!

pugmama said...

I hear you on the amount of $$$ the school supplies cost - the list get longer and longer each year!

Vivian M said...

Stop by my blog, you have an award!

polarbearinchina said...

Sounds to me like the teacher asked for supplies for her class. The copy paper and dry erase markers top the list. We were told (I teach at a high school) on the very first day of school that the supply budget is VERY low. When the paper is gone, it's gone. I will then have to buy my own. Same goes for markers and other every day important materials that we use to teach. I must admit, I NEVER would have thought to put that on a supply list.

Your sleepless night was the same as mine. I slept an hour that night and then had to go to work. Not fun!

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