Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Wall FL Celebrates Chinese New Year! (Sunday, January 18th)

Here it is. The whole reason we went up to Orlando. The Great Wall China Adoption FL Families celebration of Chinese New Year! And boy did we all welcome in the Year of the Ox!!

Susan works very hard to put together a great party for everyone. Of course, I'll admit it, she gets people to work with her, & they all work hard. In the end though, everyone always has a blast.

Erin is ready to party!

Jolene put bows into Erin's hair & she kept them in!

Erin & Uncle Art (our annual pic of these 2)

Erin with Ethan & Katie Starr (a/k/a The Dynamic Duo) & their amazing mom Lori

The virtual tripliets - Erin with Julianna & Isabella

Candy, Rachel & David

Hannah, Olivia, Erin, Julianna & Isabella (another annual pic)

Jolene selling her fabulous clothing & bows

Marc - hard at work entertaining everyone

This man knows how to party!

Erin modeling her Fu outfit - one of Jolene's creations


Sandra said...

great pictures! I love Erin's shirt. Where did you get it?

fricke92 said...

I just love Erin's shirt! Looks like you had a great time! Are those Susan Fremer's girls? Wow, they've gotten big! (Guess ours have gotten big, though, too!)

PIPO said...

Happy CNY to you and yours!

The kids all look fab :0)

jolene said...

I love the bows hope you are able to get her to wear them all the time.....


Vivian M said...

I love the bows! Although I love our adoption agency (HFS), it looks like your agency really knows how to party!
By the way, I love Jolene's goodies, need to meet that special lady one of these days in person!