Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rambling On

Lots of things going on here. Some good. Some just pissing me off.
  • Erin hates to read books. Just the first time. Once she's read it, she'll reread it over & over. I've finally figured out that she doesn't like the unknown & hates being wrong when learning to pronounce new words.
  • On that note. Schooling has really changed so much since I was there. I don't expect everything to remain the same but there are things that should be standard. Why are we pushing our children to learn things earlier & earlier? In first grade I was learning to read "Run Dick run. See Spot run." Erin is expected to read compound words - breakfast, meatballs. No one has taught these children the basics of reading like how to pronounce "ie" or "ea" or how to break words into syllables to be read. Math? Well, I still suck at that topic but I'm pretty sure I wasn't doing double digit addition in first grade.
  • Erin loves school. She adores her teachers, & while she is a chatter, I've never had her teachers send home a note.
  • Each Friday she gets to go into the treasure box because she has stayed on track with her behavior. Huh? They reward children for good behavior. In my day, good behavior was expected, & the consequences for poor behavior were something you didn't want to know about.
  • My therapy is really coming along nicely. I had my 30 day assessment, & they want me to continue for another 30 days. There are still things I can't do but I am so much further along. I can't thank the folks at Aspen Rehab enough.
  • The big Chinese New Year celebration that is sponsored by Great Wall China Adoption in Florida is next week. David & I made plans to attend back in November. He found out on Tuesday that he is on call for the weekend. That means he can't go away with us.
  • I can't let Erin down by not attending. This is also the time of year that we get to see her orphanage sister Julianna. I have to fight my fears & figure out how to drive to Orlando. Without a panic attack. BTW, I don't like to drive to the east side of town.
  • I haven't slept since I found out about this. My asthma is acting up. I'm scared poopless about driving 3 hours. I can't let Erin down. How the hell am I going to do this?
  • David has confidence in me. My boss is willing to let me leave early, but I still have to drive the last part at night. Have I mentioned that I don't see well at night? Yup. I'm scared poopless.
  • The bank merger is done. I now work for Wells Fargo. The integration hasn't started yet though. I don't like to do things last minute. I need time to adjust. I really hope they don't just spring the training on us & give us a week to learn it all.

'Nuff said?


Vivian M said...

I know you can do it, just have Erin put her DS earplugs on so she doesn't hear your venting!
I am sorry David cannot make the trip with you. But I know you will have a good time once you get there. Breathe in, breathe out.
Things always have a way of working out. You'll see!

Super Mommy said...

First Grader reading and math is definately advanced now. I'm thinking by the time Jade is in 4th grade - I will be considered dumb - and I have a master's degree!

Have you thought about investing in a GPS system? They are pretty inexpensive - many around $100. I am pretty good with directions and such, but I'm going to buy myself one as a late Christmas present to me.

Try not to work yourself up about the drive - think positive thoughts.

Hopefully things will settle down soon for you now the the merger is complete - although I know the integration will be a lot of work too!

fricke92 said...

Just wait until you get to Math. In our district, they teach it in a completely different way that I learned. It's embarrassing not being able to do 4th grade math...considering I took several graduate level math classes (and passed!)

Sorry David can't join you. I agree with the others, think positive thoughts and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT. It'll be worth once you see Erin with the other kids.

Pug Mama said...

"Why are we pushing our children to learn things earlier & earlier? In first grade I was learning to read "Run Dick run. See Spot run." Erin is expected to read compound words - breakfast, meatballs"
I could not agree more!!!
Also - the spelling lists are just ridiculous!

Candy said...

You're stressing. You need to breathe. You will do just fine, look you found my house with no problem. :-)