Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sea World Saturday & Dinner with Susan & Her Crew

This was Erin's first time going to Sea World. She hasn't been interested in anything that might have a character, but David & I finally convinced her that it would be a great place to go. For weeks before our trip, Erin was asking "When are we going to Sea World?"

I reminded Erin of some basic rules before we entered the park. We took Erin's stroller in just in case she got tired (never mind the fact that I needed it for balance with my wobbly hip). Jolene & I were talking while Erin watched everything in fascination. Then the screams began. While we were trying to decide which direction to take, Erin literally flew out of her stroller into Jolene's arms. Shamu had walked out of the employee area & was going to the photo spot. Poor Jolene! She didn't realize that when I said Erin is TERRIFIED of characters, I meant it. We got Erin calmed down & promised there were no more characters walking around (all the while I was praying I wasn't fibbing to her.) Off we went to discover what Sea World was all about.

Erin really enjoyed seeing the dolphins, the penguins & puffins & the stingrays. She had a great time choosing an oyster to get her very own pearl. She even enjoyed shopping & spending her Chanukah money on a stuffed Shamu. But the part she like the best & was totally enchanted with was the Blue Horizons show. She couldn't see so she sat on Jolene's lap & barely breathed the entire time.

When we got back to the hotel, we sat down for a while to rest & then got the call. Susan & Art & their girls were finally there. And their room still wasn't ready! We had them come up to visit with us until they could go to their room. Jolene hadn't met Susan yet even though she was selling her gorgeous stuff at our party so this was perfect.

After they got settled in their own room, we all went out to dinner. Jolene tried to weasel her way out saying that she didn't want to intrude on our visit. Ha! Susan told her she expected Jolene to join us. Jolene tried to back out again, but I explained that when Susan talks, we all jump! We went over to Chevy's for some wonderful Mexican food. I've never been there before & was amazed by how yummy it all was. Everyone had a great time eating & chatting the night away.

When we got back to the hotel, I zonked right out. It was a great day!


fricke92 said...

Looks like a great day! I want to visit Florida!!! :)

Vivian M said...

I wish Erin was smiling in these pictures! We have never been to Sea World in Orlando, looks like a fun place to go visit.