Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bubbles = Giggles

After a yummy dinner prepared at Chez Publix, David ran a bath for me so I could destress. 

When I walked into the bathroom, there were bubbles.  Let me rephrase that.  There were bubbles everywhere!  I love bubble baths but never take the time to treat myself.  Lately, it's been an in & out sort of shower or bath with no time to relax.  Tonight my guy made sure I took the time.

Erin came in to sit with me & have our evening chat.  She saw the bubbles & was immediately delighted.  The smile on her face was pure joy.  So I got to sit in the tub, relax & watch my girl as she played in the bubbles, giggling uncontrollably as she blew bubbles everywhere.  The cats both ran for the hills!

I only wish I'd had my camera with me so I could have captured the joy on her face.  Then again, the world is probably a happier place because I didn't.


Sandra said...

I think that a husband preparing a bubble bath for his wife is one of the most romantic things. Then to top it off you had a good time with your girl. Doesn't get any better than that!

Vivian M said...

Yay to David, what a man!

Dawn said...

That hubby of yours is da man.

Glad you got to relax and enjoy some fun with Erin at the same time.