Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Karate Girl

She got her white belt on her first day!

Yellow Belt Day!! (June 23, 2007)

Orange Belt Day!! (June 8, 2008)

Purple Belt Day!! (February 23, 2009)

Blue Belt Day!! (October 26, 2009)

We have been telling Erin since she was old enough to walk that she would take karate lessons.  Not soon after she turned 4, she started to ask when the karate lessons would start.  Karate was one of the many enrichment classes offered at her pre-school.  In the Spring of 2007, we approached the karate teacher Mr. Richard to see if he would let Erin try out for the class.  Mr. Richard was pretty leary of this.  His rule was that the child had to be at least 5, & Erin had many months to go till she was 5. 

Anyway, we suckered the poor man into saying yes, & that was the end of our free time.  Apparently Erin has a natural talent because after that one class, Mr. Richard gave Erin her white belt & asked us to sign her up for the weekly lessons.  That summer she earned her yellow belt.

When Erin graduated from Kindergarten, she was ready to leave her pre-school behind.  This was also the end of Mr. Richard.  Little did we know it, but he was retiring from teaching because of his job responsibilities. 

The annual belt testing was done over at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academy right by our house.  After the orange belt testing, all of the students were offered the opportunity to sign up for lessons.  David & I had hoped that Erin would want to continue her lessons.  We were so pleased when she asked us before we could get a chance to ask her what she wanted.

Erin has gone from taking a lesson once a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour lessons 3 times a week.  This past summer we signed her up for the school's Leadership Program.  I'll admit it.  I'm not always up for taking her to her lessons.  However, Erin has a goal.  She wants to be a black belt leader.  And she's good.  She's very good.  The owners of the academy look over each of their students.  They have told us that Erin has a natural talent.  When she started in the academy, Sifu Neil sat down to watch her in her lessons.   He is always amazed at how focused she is.  Eventually, we'll consider private lessons with Sifu Neil - something he doesn't offer to the younger students; however, he thinks that Erin can do what he wants to teach her.

In the end, it will be up to her.  I have a feeling she'll go for it.  It is a very rare ocassion for Erin to miss her lessons because she really wants this.  Our little 7 year old has set her goal.  And it's our job to help her get there.


Love Letters To China said...

I think it is wonderful that Erin loves karate so much. I often wonder if either one of my kids would enjoy taking lessons. Natalie is so NOT the focused type. I don't think she would do very well. Liam is still too young, but who knows what might happen down the line. I wish I could be so focused and determined to achieve such a goal in life.

Candy said...

Way to go Erin. It is wonderful that Erin is so dedicated to this.

There are so many children that are forced to take a class/sport that they really don't want.

It's much different and how well a child can do when they have the will and desire to do so.

Vivian M said...

It's amazing that she knows what she wants - go for it Erin! We are very proud of you.

Super Mommy said...

You must be soooo proud! Not only of her accomplishments, but also of her drive(she picked that up somewhere!). Congratulations Erin -YOU ROCK!

SoyJoyChina said...

Wow!! How impressive! Erin is a gorgeous Ninja!!
Tessa looks forward to seeing Erin again soon!!

Dawn said...

That is truly impressive. You should be bellowing form the rooftops with "proudness" ( don't you love my made up words)
Go Erin.

Sorry I wasn't aware you were blogging with such frequency or I'd have stopped by much sooner.