Sunday, December 20, 2009


  •  Why do the schools have holiday parties that consist of sugar, sugar, sugar & more sugar?  Erin came home from school Friday in tears.  She just can't tolerate so much sugar.  The stuff makes most people go haywire & hyper.  Erin crashes into a state of exhaustion.  It's ridiculous that they do this - to both the children & the parents.
  • Why are most of the crafts during these parties centered around Christmas?  Do they not realize that there are other holidays?  Erin got to make so many Christmas crafts that even she was pissed off.  The only thing they did for Chanukah was to make - yes, you got it, an edible dreidel  - pure sugar.  But she did come home with a Christmas cookie & a Christmas ornament.  What about Kwanzaa?  What about Diwali?  If the schools don't know enough about these holiday, then they need to get educated.  Erin finally put her foot down in the cookie decorating class.  When her teacher gave her a Christmas tree cookie to decorate, she gave it back, told them she is Jewish & where is her dreidel cookie to decorate.  (They didn't have too many of those!)
  • Why do people think email thank yous are alright?  As a child, my teachers always sent handwritten thank you cards for the gifts we gave them.  My mother saved them for me, & they are in a momento book that I still have.  Erin's teachers all thanked her by email - as if she is allowed to have an email account at 7 years old.  What happened to the art of sending the thank you by mail in your own handwriting?  It's no wonder children have such horrendous handwriting these days!
  • Why is it that this time of year, when everyone should be in a good mood, most people are grumpy?   The economy has nothing to do with it either because I've noticed it for years.
  • Why is it that Erin throws more tantrums during Winter Break than at any other time?  I know that she needs her routine & schedule to be precise so even though she goes to the JCC for camp, I drop her off at the same time, & David picks her up at the same time.  She still gets unruly which makes me nuts.


Michelle said...

WOW! I am sort of surprised that the schools allow the sugary treats. My mom is a teacher and their party treats were fruit salad and veggies.

Interestingly, she teaches in a Catholic school and even they aren't allowed to celebrate Christmas. They do have a CHRISTmas party after they come back after Winter Break.

Candy said...

Rachel's school does nothing geared toward the holiday's. They had a "Winter Show" and no holiday songs were sang. No Christmas, Chanukah, or other Holiday crafts done at all. I don't think any school should do Holiday's, unless they are a religious school, not a public school.

Vivian M said...

Last year, Kerri's teacher incorporated all the holidays. This year, it was all about Christmas and no other holiday was mentioned. Different teacher, ugh.

dawn said...

I don't understand why they do this stuff in schools either. It is truly unfair. Rosie's little school covers it all and I really love the school for that reason, well and plenty of others too.
Yay to Erin for standing her ground, I think that is marvelous.
As for thank you notes...hah. What are they? I make the girls write them too even Rosie has to add her scribble to every single one.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Ethan's did a full week on Hanukkah and of course since Katie is in a temple preschool you know it was all about Hanukkah. Ethan's school had some sugary treats but very few for their party as did Katie's and they both sent home hand written thank you notes. Maybe a note to the administration is in order so that they can get some feedback from you.

Sorry that your sweetie is out of sorts!

Gretchen said...

I'm very behind in reading blogs but trying to get caught up. I'm with you on the Thank You's. It's a lost art. Sadly.

Vivian M said...

I have a Why? question for you:
Why don't you blog that much anymore? I miss my Erin updates!