Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chanukah is coming!

And I am just not ready!

The presents are here but unwrapped.  With all the crazy hours I'm working, & with Erin's constant need to have either David or myself with her, there has been no time at all.  I haven't gotten the chance to take a picture for our card.  I'm really late with this since Chanukah starts Friday night.  However, I do have an idea that is kind of neat.  I just have to set it up.  I may have to have David take Erin to karate this week so I can wrap presents.  Then I'll need to find time to take a few pictures.

Wow! I've never been this far behind before!


Love Letters To China said...

Take a deep breathe.... It will all work its self out. Isn't the holiday season crazy yet fun? I can't wait to see your next pictures with the new camera.

Vivian M said...

Corey is the King of procrastination, call him if you need any tips! ;o)