Monday, December 14, 2009

On the First Night of Chanukah . . .

Erin got quite a large box!

 Doesn't David look thrilled?

You think she's excited?

 It wasn't even set up!

Personalized just the way she wanted!

Apparently it is quite the comfy couch!

Because she knew the couch was going to be one of her presents, Erin asked if she could open a 2nd gift.  This isn't the norm for us.  We usually stick to 1 gift each night, but what the hay! We went for it.

She loves to open gifts.  No dainty unwrapping here!

More Star Wars Legos!

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Love Letters To China said...

Wow what a nice gift! The chair looks so comfy. Isn't it wonderful to see such a beautiful smile on such a beautiful face?