Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Current Events

Each week Erin has a current events assignment.  We go to a great website d*g*news.c*m to look for the article.  Usually David &/or I choose the article for the assignment.  Erin recently decided that she wants to choose the article herself.

This past week we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  They spoke about this great man in school & something about him spoke to Erin.  While looking around the website for this week's current events, she came up with an article.  Attached was this video.

As I watched this video with Erin I cried.  Yea, I know.  Big shock.  This speech took place when I was a baby.  It still rings true in 2011. 

I have a dream also.  It's the same one the Martin Luther King Jr. held for his 4 little children.


Sherri said...

Nice video - I was only 5 months old then. That's my dream too...we all live in this Nation Under God and we're all brothers and sisters, stop with the race crap.

dawn said...

OMW I am spending to much time on FB I just spent over a minute looking for the "like" button.
You are raising an amazing little girl.