Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chinese New Year is almost here!

Chinese New Year is almost here!

Personally, I really enjoy this holiday.  All of our friends who have Asian children join together to celebrate.  It's a time to celebrate Erin's birth culture & show her that China & her birth culture are important to us.

Erin's teacher Mrs. C takes on both writing & social studies with a vengeance.  She loves Erin & is very encouraging.  A few weeks ago, I asked Erin if she'd like to bring stuff in to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Once she said yes, I approached Mrs. C who thought it was an awesome idea.  That said, today we are off to the Oriental Market to make our purchases! We'll be sending in clementines & red lucky envelopes that will be filled with some candy & a few coins.  I'm hoping that Mrs. C will allow me to stay for this part of the day.

I am also busy with helping my friend Susan prepare for our annual CNY (Chinese New Year) celebration that we put on for the people who used the same adoption agency we did.  The FL GWCA group is very active & does an amazing job.  We have a great group who helps to put on a great party! Marc from Party Nation manages to get a group of stodgy ole mommies & daddies up on the floor to dance.  Heck! He even got Susan to do the Chicken Dance one year! Lori from Starr Moments Photography takes the most beautiful pics of the event.  Jolene will be selling outfits from Fly Away Clothing & donating some goodies from her own business Ladybug Cake Creations.   

The most amazing thing that this group of people does is fundraising.  Each year we hold a silent auction.  We get people to donate various items from clothing to scrapbook goodies to photography sessions to handmade items to artwork.  This year, it was decided that in honor of our friends' daughter Katie Starr, the donations would be presented to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  I can't wait to see how much $$ we raise for this oh so worthy cause!

And let's not forget our local chapter of the FCC.  We're planning a nice evening down at the newest location of Miss Yip's Chinese Cafe.  For years we went to their location down on Miami Beach but it was decided that we would try their new location.  Don't ask me where it is.  I'm lucky I can get home from Erin's school!

So, yes, January & February are very busy but it's all for a great time!


Vivian M said...

Oh I so wish I was there!!!! I love Jolene's clothing line (Kerri has outgrown everything but still insists on using them), have yet to taste her scrumptious baked goods, or dance to Marc's tunes, or pose for Lori (which may be a good thing, she would need a very wide lens, lol).
Please take lots of pictures and blog all about your celebrations!

Sherri said...

I'm so sorry that I will be missing yet another fun filled event with my GW family! I am looking forward to the pictures i'm sure you going to be taking during this event. Maybe next year, but if the referrals don't kick up - who knows when I be there. Happy Chinese New Year! PS...I just may end up with a rabbit being born this year - i'm a rabbit!!