Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The California Tooth Fairy Loves Me!!

On New Year's Day, Erin lost her 5th tooth.  Thanks to my friend Michelle, The C*ral Springs Tooth Fairy remembered to pay a visit.  In our neck of the woods, the Tooth Fairy pays $5 for the first tooth & $2 for each of the following teeth.

Saturday night before going to bed, I had Erin make her public announcement so the Tooth Fairy would know to stop by.  She was so darn cute!  Picture this:  A cute kid in her jammies stands up in the center of my bed & starts screaming:

"Oh Tooth Fairy! I lost a tooth today! Please don't forget to stop by & pick it up."

I almost peed myself silly!  (The things we do to/for our kids.)

A few minutes later, Erin decided to check & see if she got her payoff yet.  I tried to stop her but lost the battle.  From her bedroom I heard her scream - again.  "Mama! The Tooth Fairy left me 2!"  Being the devil that I am, I asked her "2 what Erin?"  After putting away her $2 in her Tooth Fairy bank, she checked my little box where the Tooth Fairy leaves her teeth behind for me.  It was so funny when Erin turned to me to let me know that the Tooth Fairy remembered I like to keep all her teeth.

I thought all was done.  Ha!

Last night, after finishing her homework assignment, Erin asked me if she could all her Bubbie & Zaydie (grandparents) so she could tell them about her lost tooth.  I wondered out loud (here's the devil in me again) why they would want to know.  'Mama! They have to tell the California Tooth Fairy!"

I let Erin call them & was surprised to find that she called Bubbie's cell phone.  I thought Nancy (my stepmother) was going to laugh forever.  Actually, Nancy adores Erin & was so excited about getting the call.  After telling her Bubbie about loosing the tooth, Erin handed me the phone so I could chat also.  During my conversation with Nancy, I mentioned that the California Tooth Fairy doesn't have to do anything.  To which my daughter screamed:

"But the California Tooth Fairy loves me!!"

Nancy heard Erin & we both started to laugh hysterically.  It was such a moment.  Then Bubbie got off the phone to call the California Tooth Fairy (a/k/a Zaydie) & prepare him.  When my dad Skyped us, he told Erin he would let the Tooth Fairy know, & he was sure that Erin could expect something in the mail soon.

Yes Erin.  The California Tooth Fairy does love you!  Very much!


Lisa said...

awwww how cute is that!? Congratulations on another tooth down!

Vivian M said...

Woohoo! Congrats Miss Erin on losing baby tooth #5!!!

Sandra said...

Too funny! Your tooth fairy pays more than the Ohio one ;-)

SoFlaMom said...

Oh my goodness Erin is too cute! Your tooth fairy is very generous because our tooth fairy pays 1 pokemon card and a quarter. At least that was the going rate 10 years ago. I am not sure what she will pay in 2 years.