Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rambling Away. . . .

It's been a while since I've written anything here. It isn't that interesting things have been happening but rather that life has gotten crazier here.

Last weekend David & I finally decided to have Erin's 4 year picture taken. We took her to this place that everyone is wild about (Sadie's). The kid, & I do mean kid, just didn't know how to capture Erin's "essence." David & I aren't totally satisfied with the pictures but bought them anyway. I had the pictures taken in 3 different outfits. Hey! They gave me an hour. I couldn't see shooting tons of pics in just 1 outfit. My friend Michelle has this company called Madi Adi where she makes the cutest outfits. Erin wanted to wear that outfit for the day, & boy am I glad she put her foot down because those are the pics I love the best. 1 of the other outfits she wore is a dress patterned with Chinese lanterns. I bought this dress from someone I'm friendly with in my local FCC group - Jolene. I'm totally in love with this dress, & Erin looks wonderful in it to boot. Too bad the photographer didn't know how to set up a shot. He was ready to snap pics with Erin's hair in her eyes. Duh!

Hopefully David will be able to figure out what's happening with my camera &/or computer so I can upload some more pics.

Atfer having her pics taken, Erin had her friend Kerri's birthday party to attend. We spent a great afternoon partying with Kerri & some of Kerri's other friends. Erin did not want to leave! She had so much fun she couldn't wait to tell her daddy.

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