Monday, September 04, 2006

What a Weekend!

I wish I could say that this was a great weekend. After all, we had 3 days off instead of our usual 2 that we rush through. Unfortunately, this was definitely a weekend in need of a "do-over."

I worked Saturday morning which I know set Erin off. Although she loves having Erin & Daddy days, my going in on Saturdays really throws her off kilter. Not to mention that I had a horrible day at the bank. When I got home, it was so great to have Erin run up to me with "huggies & kissies" as if she hadn't seen me in weeks. Her smile just blows me away.

I was lucky enough to have some adult time that night with a few of my girlfriends. I have recently gotten into scrapbooking & actually done quite a bit. I got to LL's house around 7:00 - just in time for LL, Mich & I to sit down & chitchat. After Lis got there, we decided to order dinner thinking pizza would arrive quickly. Mich & I ended up going to pick it up because a 2 hour wait wasn't acceptable to any of us! Once we got back to LL's, we ate & then sat down to some serious scrapping. I popped out 2 little books - 1 for each of our pets (Star & Kira). I felt as if I had really accomplished quite a bit. We had so much fun that I got home at 3:00 am!

Sunday we went down to the synagogue where I teach 1st grade on Sundays. After hanging around for about an hour, I was upset to find out that my curriculum wasn't all ready to go. I usually take the weekend before school starts to do my yearly lessons. I'm not the kind of person who likes surprises when it comes to what I want & when I want it. Erin & David came down with me, & Erin did pretty nicely considering I couldn't just let her play with everything. We did a bit of running around Sunday & had a temper tantrum almost every hour. I guess once she left the synagogue, Erin felt she could let it all out - and boy did she ever! Getting her to nap is impossible so she was rip roaring tired too. It didn't help that all of a sudden my back decided to take a vacation. I will, however, admit that my mood was altered by only having 5 hours of sleep. Once Erin wakes up, we all have to wake up. She doesn't want to miss a single moment of the day.

Today we went out early again to shop even more. Erin only wanted to go to school. Poor child really hates having her schedule messed with. Face it, this past week was pretty hectic with having no school for 2 days, then going back to school, & then having no school again. She really misses her time with Miss Ethel & her friends.

Normally Erin does super great when we go to Barnes & Noble. She'll play with the Thomas the Train setup for a while & then hunt for some books. Today all she wanted to do was talk - very loudly - about the fact that I wouldn't get her the books she wanted. What can I say? She's just not ready for the big kid stuff yet. That & the fact that she doesn't have much in the way of attention span for more than 15 minutes. Then we went to WalMart where she only wanted to go to the video game dept to play. Now you have to know that Erin is a very deprived child. We didn't let her take her Leapster into the store.

We got home, had lunch & then napped. That was nice until I heard Erin ask to play something that David said no to. Let the screaming begin. Again!

Thankfully, it's after 9:00, & she's been in bed for an hour so we've had some peace & quiet. Of course, when I'm ready to go in myself in a bit, the last thing I'll do is take a peek at my gorgeous girl, whisper to her that I love her & thank G-d for putting her in our care.

As I told Erin this afternoon, she is momma & daddy's very breath.

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