Saturday, December 09, 2006

Butterfly World

Wednesday was Butterfly World day. In the 18 years that the place has been here, we hadn't made the time to just go. We were always too busy. Isn't it funny what happens when you have a child? All of a sudden there's time to do plenty of things you wouldn't do before. We're loving every minute of it!

Erin was really excited to be going here because she loves butterflies. However, when we walked through the doorway to the exihibit, she froze. All of these butterflies just come flying over, & it really alarmed her. We've been working on teaching Erin to not be afraid of new experiences. It took a while, but the beauty of Butterfly World won.

Erin had a wonderful time just taking in all of the sights. Her favorite part of the day was going back & forth on the suspension bridge. The first time she went over it, it was as if her troubles were tossed into the pond below. She was smiles & sunshine the rest of the day.

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Sandra said...

Tammie, that looks and sounds like a fun place!