Monday, December 25, 2006

Chanukah Fun

Erin loves Chanukah!! Yes, as you can see, she has a blast getting presents. However, my darling daughter also looks forward to saying the blessings each night & saying "Happy Chanukah Momma & Daddy!" David & I are filled with such pride in Erin. This is the 1st year that Erin was able to chant each of the blessings right along with us.
Each year, on the first night of Chanukah, David makes latkes (potato pancakes) for dinner. Erin's 1st year home, she was eager to try them since she had recently started eating real food 100% of the time. Last year, she wanted nothing to do with them. This year, she couldn't get enough sour cream on them!
My friend Vivian & her daughter Kerri gave Erin 2 books for Chanukah this year. I can now officially recite "I Have a Little Dreidel" all on my own! It seems that Erin loves the song so I had to read the book at least 3 times each night. Not such a bad tradition at all.
I can't wait to see what next year brings us at Chanukah time!


PinkDevora said...

Happy Chanukah! It looks like Erin was enjoying all her gifts!

Sandra said...

Happy Chanukah!!! I love these pictures of Erin!

The Katie Starr Team said...

It sure sounds like Chanukah was awesome this year in your home. Erin looks wonderfully happy. I am kvelling :)

Angel said...

It looks like it was a wonderful holiday!